Statewide BCW In-Service Training Evaluation

The SCEIs evaluation project analyzes and reports evaluation data by module, level, and trainer for statewide SCEIs in-service training to determine accomplishment of outcomes, satisfaction, trainer effectiveness and potential logistical or content revisions.

Early Intervention Credential

The EI Credential is a voluntary process in which participants synthesize content from the six SCEIs trainings through an interactive “mapping” process, a system of organizing knowledge and ideas while utilizing adult learning principles. Participants reflect on individual learning actions and application of the content to their role/job as provider in relation to the child/family. The credential is offered to professional and paraprofessional level trainees who have completed the SCEIs modules or the early childhood PRAXIS exam.

Early Intervention Needs Assessment

The Project SCEIs Early Intervention Needs Assessment consists of two surveys. The Survey of Institutions of Higher Education is designed to determine if and to what extent early intervention content is infused into postsecondary education programs. The Survey of Early Intervention Personnel determines the training needs of personnel who work in Part C related disciplines. The needs assessment is a component of the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) for Part C - IDEA, and is administered every three years.