We believe that educating high school students with disabilities about the Americans with Disabilities Act is important for a successful transition out of high school and into a work or college setting.

Figuring out what to do once high school is over is difficult for all young people who are leaving high school, but it is particularly difficult for students who have disabilities. They need a general knowledge of their rights and responsibilities through gaining a basic understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it affects them now and in the future.

The curriculum is written simply and is formatted into four short lessons which can be used individually or as a series depending on student’s goals and skill level. It was written to be easily understood and uses activities and audio-visual materials to help all kinds of learners. Here are the titles of each of the four sessions:

Lesson One:

  • What will I do after high school?

  • Is college a possibility for me?

Lesson Two:

  • What I need to know before I get a job.

Lesson Three:

  • Options in the Community for Me to Learn to Work!

Lesson Four:

  • Guest speaker who has a disability and is working in the community.


Show and Tell: Teaching pre-school age children about inclusion.

We believe that teaching about disability awareness to pre-school age children will help foster understanding between people with disabilities and children, and that it will feed the child’s curiosity in a positive way. Once this has taken place, the child is more receptive to include all people in his or her world. This is the age where the child notices everything, especially the differences in people. The pre-school age is a wonderful time to teach about these differences and to model the right way to treat people in the society we live in.

This curriculum shows step-by-step how to bring the concept of disability awareness into the classroom by introducing books on the subject to read during story time, and fun activities to do with the children to get the children thinking about how accessible their world is to people who use wheelchairs. The author of this curriculum will share ideas that work well and ideas that didn’t work during the four years of going into the pre-school classroom.