Information about adolescents that every youth worker should know!

Helping young people achieve their full potential is the best way to prevent them from becoming involved in risky behavior. This exciting 6-module training curriculum presents youth workers with strategies to help young people exercise leadership, build skills, form relationships with caring adults, and help their communities. The workshop series gathers the best research and the theory on adolescent development today and presents it in a clear, useable framework that will equip youth workers with the knowledge and perspective they need to be effective champions for the healthy development of children and adolescents.

THE PROGRAM: Each of the six sessions of this competency-based curriculum builds upon the last in enhancing communication skills and core competencies to produce long- term positive outcomes for youth.

I - Strategies for Success: Competency and the Assets Approach

There are skills, attitudes, behaviors and knowledge that youth need to grow into healthy and accomplished adults. Learn creative approaches to designing youth programs bringing together the community to provide and encourage positive development opportunities for young people.

II - Preadolescent and Adolescent Development

Provides a clear and comprehensive understanding of the many
factors that influence preadolescent and adolescent development and the assets that help young people achieve a healthy adulthood.

III – Back to Basics: Family Development and Resiliency

Understand the parent-adolescent relationship, as well as the environmental and social factors that influence that relationship. Build on the knowledge that collaboration between families and youth development programs is essential to helping young people to reach their full potential.

IV – Program Development

Use the Asset Model as a framework for creating and evaluating responsive programs that help young people gain knowledge, skills and attitudes to become competent, caring, and contributing citizens.

V – Community Involvement

Learn to forge community constituencies to help adolescents become healthy, caring, and contributing adults.

VI - Diversity and Assets in Youth Development

The challenges of diversity are many. It must be recognized that, among many factors, faith, gender, culture, disability and chronic illness can be powerful determinants in program outcomes.