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Text: Southern Region Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network Georgia

Disclaimer: Information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are in crisis, visit your local emergency department or call 911 immediately.


The University of Georgia (UGA) is a part of the Southern Region Farm and Ranch Assistance Network (FRSAN). The program is designed to help farmers going through a challenging time. If you are going through a challenging time, experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, or considering suicide – please reach out to us! We are here to listen and connect you with resources that may be a benefit to you or your loved one. Farming is a stressful occupation, but we need you know more than ever. YOU are your most valuable asset on the farm. Meet our staff below. 

  • Diane Bales

    Professor and Extension Human Development Specialist / Co-PI of the FRSAN project

    My work in Human Development and Family Science and as a UGA Extension specialist focuses on human development. My outreach and applied research focus primarily on brain development, stress, and supporting people struggling with trauma, substance use, and mental health challenges. As Child Life Program Director, I use my expertise on stress and brain development to prepare child development students to support children and families in healthcare settings. In addition, I teach UGA and community audiences about a wide range of topics related to child and adolescent development. Read more.

  • Rebecca Brightwell

    Public Service Faculty / Co-PI of the FRSAN project

    For the past fifteen years, my work has focused on serving agricultural workers on a local and national level. My primary expertise falls into the following areas: working with rural agricultural populations (including military veterans and underserved populations); assisting individuals with chronic health conditions and/or disabilities with the worksite and educational accommodations; business planning/marketing for business start-ups; and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) curricula design. My family owned a cotton gin for over eighty years. Read more

  • Lindy Busbin

    Rural Stress Extension Educator

    I was born and raised on a farm in South Georgia which allowed me to experience both the tough and rewarding times of operating a farm. After earning my degree in Agribusiness, I knew I wanted to stay connected with Georgia farmers and help raise awareness of just how important farms and farmworkers are. I believe everyone should be trying to help a local farmer because, without them, we would have nothing.

  • Mason Dean

    Institute on Human Development and Disability
    AgrAbility Service Coordinator

    Since 2015, I have worked with the FarmAgain Program as the Service Coordinator for South Georgia. I have a degree in Rural Studies from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, focusing on Rural Business and Economic Development. I grew up in a rural Middle Georgia Community. My uncle assisted my neighbor in operating his cattle ranch. Our family helped grow 2-3 acres of produce each year that provided all the produce for the family each year. In 2011, I began working at UGA as a student worker. In 2012, I went to work with USDA as a field technician, conducting research on bioenergy crops, watershed quality, and row crops. These experiences gave me an understanding of many of the stressors farmers may experience and how to provide them with services or resources that can assist their situations. I am passionate about assisting others with needs they may have or however I can help. In my free time, you will find me in a boat fishing, whether in a South Georgia farm pond or off the coast of Florida.

  • Kyle Haney

    Institute on Human Development and Disability
    AgrAbility Service Coordinator

    I work as an Extension educator for all of the projects within the FarmAgain Program. I have a passion for serving farmers across Georgia that stems from growing up on my family's land. I believe that there is no nobler of an occupation than farming, and we must help all Georgia farmers thrive. I understand firsthand that agriculture has many uncontrollable circumstances and I want to be there for farmers when they need support. When I am not assisting farmers across the state, you will probably find me covered in grease working on farm equipment.

  • Whitney Ostrander

    Institute on Human Development and Disability
    Outreach and Dissemination Program Coordinator

    I am the project's Graphic designer, photographer, and event coordinator. I have a heart for helping people. In the past, I have personally experienced mental and physical health issues which have given me a heart for coming alongside others who are struggling. I grew up on a farm and have a huge love of the outdoors. Being able to help farmers and others for my job is an absolutely perfect fit. I feel like I am designing for a purpose, which was my overall motive for entering the field of 'design'.

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