Disability Studies Certificate Programs

The purpose of the Disability Studies Certificate Program is to provide the students at the University of Georgia with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to become professionals and leaders who are capable of implementing change in attitudes, policy, and practice across the nation. These professionals will promote the true inclusion of all individuals with disabilities as fully-participating members of our communities and nation, with all the rights accorded to every citizen.

Potential students include those from the educational, medical, and social sciences, but also include students from virtually every discipline including history, the arts, and humanities. The certificate is available to undergraduate students from any school or college at UGA.

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Disability Studies Classes

Undergraduate Students: 15 Credit Hours | Graduate Students: 18 Credit Hours

Upon completion of the Disability Studies Certificate program, students will:

  • Illustrate interdisciplinary knowledge of how disability is socially constructed and represented.
  • Identify the interaction between historical events and longstanding customs related to the treatment of people with disabilities and contemporary political, social, and economic issues.
  • Demonstrate understanding of local, national, and global social policy regarding people with disabilities to develop an awareness of disability as a diversity and civil rights issue.    
  • Explain the ways in which a person’s perceived ability by others may affect his or her full participation in society.    
  • Demonstrate increased comfort in interacting with people with disabilities, application of respectful interaction and language; and interest in understanding, supporting, and advocating for people with disabilities in the future.

Required Courses

Destination Dawgs

Reflecting our tagline “Life is a journey. Be prepared for the trip”, our program’s goal is for Destination Dawgs graduates to have gained new knowledge, skills, and competencies which lead to a rewarding adult life. This includes attaining a desired job, having an increased ability to live independently, and building relationships that expand their social networks.

Program Breakdown

WHO:  Students with intellectual disabilities between the ages of 18 -25 who have a personal desire - and support from family- to gain skills for self-determination, independent living, and career development at the University of Georgia.

WHAT: Completion of the program will result in a UGA Certificate in College and Career Readiness from the UGA Center on Continuing Education bearing +/- 150 continuing education units. Student competency and accomplishments will be recorded in an electronic portfolio.

WHEN:  Five (15 week) semesters starting in the Spring (January) semester following a prerequisite Summer Leadership Institute for invited applicants. Semesters follow the UGA academic calendar. 

HOW: The Destination Dawgs team will utilize the Students Transitioning to Adult Roles (STAR) Person-Centered Planning (PCP) model to facilitate goal setting and to track progress across five domains: Career Development and Employment, Academic Enrichment, Campus & Community Engagement, Independent Living, and Self-Determination. Each semester students will engage in four program domains:

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