Living Well

The Living Well Georgia Projectaims to:

  1. Increase staff knowledge and skill in supporting people with IDD to be self-determined and included in the community through targeted training in Supporting Informed Decision Making and Supporting Social Roles. 
  2. Create career paths through professional development for direct support staff to meet demand for services through the implementation of Direct Course’s College of Direct Support and engagement with the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals.
  3. Enhance monitoring using Therap’s electronic service tracking and reporting technologies including their Business Intelligence platform for data aggregation and trending.
  4. Develop a replicable collaboration between HCBS stakeholders to enhance quality. With the development and implementation of our learner tracks in Direct Course, we are now able to focus on sustainable career paths for Georgia. Through our project’s monitoring platform, Therap Services, we have identified our data driven outcomes:
    • Social Connectedness and Relationships
    • Meaningful Activities
    • Choice
    • Safety, Health and Wellbeing

In addition to developing these data driven outcomes, we defined them for our Therap users, created scoring labels with definitions and developed two dashboards. With these developments, Therap is now being fully utilized by each provider partner that allows us to begin our collection of aggregated data. Staff surveys were developed and baseline data was then gathered from each provider partner. This baseline data isbeing compiled into a comparative analysis across our five provider partners that will serve as the cornerstone of a community of practice among providers.  If you would like more information on Living Well please contact Dr. Carol Britton Laws at

SRV Values Training

Social Role Valorization Trainings- IHDD in partnership with the Georgia Advocacy Office offers values-based training events steeped in Social Role Valorization (SRV) across Georgia. We teach how to build interpersonal identification with people with disabilities who live in devalued status as well as lay a foundation that will be helpful as the state comes into compliance with the Home and Community Based (HCBS) settings rule. If you would like more information on the social role valorization trainings please contact Gillian Grable at

Home and Community Based Settings Rule

Home and Community Based Settings(HCBS) Rule - Effective in 2014, CMS issued important new regulations that require home and community based Medicaid waiver services to be provided in community settings. Settings cannot isolate people with disabilities, segregating and separating them from other people in their communities. This rule creates welcomed changes in the way services are delivered, but there is resistance among many traditional service providers. Georgia’s DD Network has been working jointly to offer assistance to the state in implementing the rule and has made ongoing comments to CMS and to the state agency in Georgia aiming at strengthening Georgia’s response to the rule.  If you are interested in the Home and Community Based Setting Rule please contact Dr. Zolinda Stoneman at

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