Nursing Home Collaborative

This working group of interested individuals is conducting a comprehensive overview of the nursing home industry, with a focus on the barriers to alternatives that individuals encounter. The group is reviewing the many existing paths from independence to nursing home care inherent in the structure, financing, and assumptions of the industry. They will highlight the inconsistency of these barriers with the principles and legal requirements of disability integration under Olmstead and the ADA and to develop strategies to address them. This project is headed up by IHDD’s staff member Sue Jamieson who is one of the lead attorneys for the Olmstead v. L.C. case.  If you are interested in joining this group please contact Sue Jamieson at

Georgia Disability History Alliance 

Disability History Alliance- IHDD is one of two founding members of the Georgia Disability History Alliance (GDHA). The Alliance has brought together Georgians interested in protecting and preserving the state’s disability history. Over 100 organizations have joined this effort. The UGA Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies joined the partnership and houses the disability history and artifacts collection. Many disability leaders, organizations, advocates, and self-advocates have donated items to the collection. IHDD is part of the national Disability History/Archives Consortium (DH/AC), serving on the Steering Committee. 

  • In addition to preserving Georgia’s disability history, the Georgia Disability History Alliance wants to educate university students and the general public about the important civil rights movement led by people with disabilities. To that end, IHDD in collaboration with the UGA Russell Library and GDHA hold an annual Disability History 39 Symposium on the UGA campus. This past year, Kim Nelson, author of A Disability History of the United States, keynoted the symposium. If you are interested in the Disability History Alliance please contact Gillian Grable at

People First

IHDD supports the local People First chapter by providing mentorship and facilitation. UGA students, through our service learning courses, also contribute to the activities the local chapter. In addition IHDD provides meeting space and helps support members to attend the annual People First Conference in Georgia. If you are interested in People First in Georgia please contact Amanda Alford at

DOJ v Georgia Settlement Agreement

The settlement agreement between GA and the US Dept. of Justice is described earlier in this application. The DD Network, in collaboration with the GA ARC, has been meeting regularly to monitor progress toward the outcomes of the agreement, and to assist the state in supporting the remaining people with DD living in state institutions to move into the community. We have also focused on developing strategies to strengthen the capacity of communities and providers to support individuals leaving institutions to live meaningful lives. The DD Network will continue its focus on quality lives in the community after the DOJ Settlement Agreement ends approximately 1.5 years from now. 

Olmstead Decision