38th Alumni Awards Luncheon set for Feb. 28

January 27th, 2015

FACS alumni and friends are in for a special treat at the 38th Annual Alumni Awards Luncheon. Along with recognizing and celebrating the professional achievements of five very deserving alumni, the program will include special recognition of Dr. Josephine Martin and Dr. Clifton Baile.

Dr. Josephine Martin '47, widely recognized scholar and leader of decades of the national agenda for school nutrition, will be inducted into the FACS Honor Hall of Recognition.  Martin is an expert in child nutrition programs and has spent most of her career advocating for better policies and education that serve children. She had worked with senators, governors and policy shapers to feed needy children throughout the state.

Dr. Baile, considered one of the most influential scientist at the University of Georgia and head of the UGA Obesity Initiative, died May 19 following a cerebral aneurysm. Baile, the D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professor of GRA Eminent Scholar of Biotechnology at UGA was housed in both FACS department of food and nutrition along with the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, had a long and distinguished career in both academia and industry.

The luncheon, held on February 28, also celebrates the professional accomplishments of Dr. Barbara Grossman, Dr. Deborah Phillips, Dr. Greg Lang, Dr. Emily Tomayko and Dr. Patricia Annis.

Tickets for the annual event can be purchased here.

For more details click this link http://www.fcs.uga.edu/alumni/luncheon

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