Ghana Blog: Anna Takes a Tumble

June 29th, 2017

Hey everyone! It’s crazy to think I’m already in my second week here in Ghana. It feels like just yesterday I was getting on a plane in Atlanta with no idea of what to expect. However, now with almost two weeks under my belt, I’ve already settled into my own little routine. Me, Emily, Olivia, and Jenna have made our little room our new home, groundnut soup is now one of my favorite foods, all twelve of us have mastered the art of the perfect finger prick, and I have found that a new adventure awaits me every day.

The adventure I want to take you guys on with me happened on Tuesday after we were done with our community work in Tutu. We finished with the last few patients around 12:30, so we still had a whole day to spend exploring. Once I got back to the house and finished with my first hand washed laundry and line drying experience, Ashley and I decided to go on a run. We wanted to do some physical activity and explore the rest of our little town of Mampong. In order to see what was hiding on the other side of the mountain, we decided to go the opposite way of the town, on a road we had not yet ventured down.

This run made me realize two things. The first is that running straight up a mountain in the middle of the day in Africa is not an easy task. Especially, when you’ve consumed your fair share of fried plantains and jollof rice these past two weeks. The second is that this country provides so many hidden, beautiful moments. After we finally made it to the end of the trail, we were met with the most breathtaking view. From this random lookout point we stumbled upon, we were able to see for what seemed to be hundred of miles. We were looking out over the most luscious mountains and green space I have ever seen in my life. It looked like a postcard that was too perfect to be something I was truly looking out on. On a random Tuesday, after I thought my day was over, I randomly found a picture perfect view of Africa that gave me a new perspective on the world as a whole, and that is one of the reasons this trip never ceases to amaze me.

But, after taking in this view for a few minutes, clumsy Anna had to stir things up a bit. Before I knew it, the rocky trail that seemed so stable at the time slipped out from under me and to say I took a little tumble is an understatement. Ashley and I initially died of laughter, but then I stood up to see it might be time for us to head back. The back of my leg was completely scraped up and the stinging definitely started to set in. Luckily, once we got back Mrs. Margret was there to save the day once again. She got out her handy first-aid kit and after a very painful few minutes of cleaning out the cuts, I was good to go. Even though it ended in a less than peaceful way, the adventures of that day are something I will cherish forever.

An afternoon that started with a simple run to get some exercise, ended with me having one of the beautiful hidden moments. A moment that seemed to stop time and give me a second of complete peace. A moment that made me realize the things that constantly occupy my worries and fears are so minute in the grand scheme of life. A moment that gave me a new appreciation of how beautiful this world is and how much I still have left to explore. Granted, this seemingly perfect and peaceful couple of minutes was brought to an abrupt end, the scars my little tumble will most likely leave, will always remind me of this moment and of the life changing adventure every day here provides.  

Anna Murphy

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