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December 6th, 2013 Author: Clair McClure  |  706-542-8447  |  More about Clair

As a new TMI graduate student one important decision is the selection of a major professor.  BUT you just got here, right? How are you supposed to decide which faculty member to choose? Those were my thoughts when I became a TMI grad student. I didn’t even know what my research interests were!!!

First, think about your general interests, even if you aren’t sure about a Thesis/Dissertation topic yet. Are you intrigued by cultural dress, fashion history, merchandising, textile science, retailing, or consumer behavior? After considering this check out our faculty page and browse the research areas of our faculty.

Next, set up meetings with a faculty member whose research matches your interests. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our faculty. They are incredibly knowledgeable and were all grad students at one time facing this same decision! Meeting with the TMI faculty will help you choose a major professor, give you a feel for who might serve on your advisory committee, and even help narrow down your research interests.

Of course, make sure to talk with other grad students! Many of us have worked with these professors before and have chosen our major professors. Each major professor will have their own working style and expectations for their students. The only way you find this out is by working directly with a professor, so ask other graduate students for the inside scoop!


Meeting with faculty members and talking to your fellow grad students will give you a well rounded idea of which faculty member will be suited for your major professor.

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