College names FACS Ambassadors for next school year

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The College of Family and Consumer Sciences has selected 25 students to serve as FACS Ambassadors for 2016-17.

These students represent FACS at a variety of events such as career days, recruiting activities, alumni functions, special visitation days, high school student activities, seminars and receptions.

They are selected based on their academic records, interpersonal skills, leadership experience and dependability.

“It’s our responsibility to make sure the school is represented in a prestigious manner and that students are receiving the best of their experience through our decision-making and ideas,” said new ambassador Lamar Fletcher, a financial planning major. “We help to increase awareness of the offerings, opportunities and great programs the college offers.”

The experience gained from the position also gives ambassadors the opportunity to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills as they endeavor to bridge the gap between students, faculty and alumni

The FACS Ambassadors are listed below along with their departments. FDNS: Foods and Nutrition; TXMI: Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors; FHCE: Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics; and HDFS: Human Development and Family Science.

Sarah Black, FDNS; Ashleigh Childs, FACS Ed; Catt Cropper, TXMI; Brittany Daniel, HDFS; Rachel Denton, HDFS; Lamar Fletcher, FHCE; Abbey Harrison, FHCE; Josh Hudson, FDNS; Matt Katz, HDFS; Kathryn Kear, FDNS; Annie Ladisic, FDNS; Lindsay Lock, FDNS; Madison Locke, HDFS; Joy Maduka, FDNS; Sarah Beth Massengale, FDNS; Madison Metcalf, HDFS; Liana Moseley, FDNS; Smisson Neal, FHCE; Gabby Pettica, TXMI; Aamanya Raval, FDNS; Hannah Saylor, FDNS; Ayana Sears, TXMI; Henry Sellers, HDFS; Olivia Shealy, FDNS; and Anna Beth Smith, HDFS

For more information on the FACs Ambassador program, click here.

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