Conrad S. Ciccotello Discusses Research at FHCE Seminar

October 27th, 2014 Contact: Sheri Worthy  |  706-542-4877  | More about Sheri

Conrad Ciccotello, executive director of the Huebner Foundation, spoke about his new research, “Clinical Examination of the Finances of New Generation Y Households,” to a crowd of Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics faculty, students, and staff in Dawson Hall on Thursday, October 23.

Ciccotello’s research is about how the current economic climate is affecting the Generation Y or “millennials” in their household structure and spending. The uncertain job market is causing some households to refrain from having children and making traditionally large purchases such as houses or cars due to increased household leverage. Ciccotello is curious how this mindset will affect the current young generation moving into the future.

Ciccotello is currently at the department of Risk Management and Insurance at Georgia State University, and he is interested in conversing with the Family and Consumer Sciences FHCE students and faculty to help give a family-oriented perspective to his research hypothesis.

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