Costa Rica Blog: Homestay

May 23rd, 2016

I am so happy with my homestay! At first I was worried that I was going to be alone in a homestay (poor Josh), but instead I am with five other members of the group and it has been great! I am having so much fun talking to my homestay mother and her daughter. They have made me feel very comfortable and welcome in their home. Our first night was especially fun because we had dinner outside in the courtyard area within our house. Our homestay mother made us a very simple but very good pasta with cheese, and we chatted with her about her family and the other people that she has housed in the past. This family is absolutely wonderful. They have been so kind to us and it really makes me feel like home because their customs remind me of my own family. For example, my homestay mother calls us “hijas” and “ni~as” when she wants to get our attention, and she is very affectionate and animated when she speaks to us. I am so excited to continue to build a relationship with our family. I think we're playing karaoke tonight!

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