Costa Rica study abroad trip proves eye opening

June 19th, 2015 Author: Cal Powell  |  706-542-3536  |  More about Cal
Contact: Andy Carswell  |  706-542-4867  | More about Andy

Eight FACS students, along with FHCE faculty member Andy Carswell, recently returned from a study abroad trip to Costa Rica with a unique perspective on housing and resource management.

The trip includes two classes – Family Resource Management as well as Introduction to Housing – that allows students to understand how families in international settings are forced to survive using limited resources.

In addition to the materially normally taught on the UGA campus, Carswell said he augments the Costa Rica course with extra sections on international housing, sustainable housing and gated communities that are prevalent issues in that setting 

“Visiting local coffee farms run by somewhat middle class families is an eye opening experience for them,” Carswell said.

This year, the trip also included a Habitat International “build” project as part of a service learning aspect of the trip.

“The students fully embraced the experience, even though the physical labor component was much more excruciating than the U.S.-based Habitat builds,” Carswell said.

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