Dean’s Update 01/10/17

January 10th, 2017 Contact: Linda Fox  |  706-542-4879  | More about Linda


We are pleased to announce that Sewon Oum and Hyojong So will be joining us as Visiting Research Scholars in Human Development and Family Science from January 19 - March 16. They are the first participants of our Quantitative Training/Research Collaboration – Seoul National University/University of Georgia.  

I extend my thanks to Associate Dean Patti Hunt-Hurst and Department Head Emilie Smith for the leadership to complete all the details for the hosting of these two emerging scholars who will be working with Dr. K.A.S. Wickrama, Athletic Association Professor, and others in HDFS.


Congratulations to the following Human Development and Family Science and Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors students, along with the five faculty mentors who will be supported spring semester by the CURO research assistantships. These names were not available when the first list was shared in the December Dean’s Update. Listed below are the names of the students, title or topic of the research, and faculty mentor. Congratulations to these additional students and faculty mentors.


Amanda Peclat-Begin, Clinical Experiences of Cambodian Mental Health Therapists: a Phenomenological Exploration, Mentor-Desiree Seponski

Emily Sands, Utilizing cultural advisors in marriage and family therapy practice, Mentor-Desiree Seponski

Lauren Lauterbach, Socioculturally Attuned Family Therapy: Guidelines for Equitable Theory and Practice, Mentor- Maria Bermudez

Genesis Castro, Latino Family Resilience among Mixed Legal Status Families, Mentor-Maria Bermudez

Chantel Odabi, Evaluating the Outreach and Effectiveness of Better Brains for Babies Education for Child Care Provider, Mentor-Diane Bales

Mary (Maggie) Spears, Homeschooling, Mentor-Jennifer George


Anna Bennett, Uncovering the 21th Century Classroom Built Environment: The Influence of Social Media and Technology on Learning, Mentor-Lilia Gomez-Lanier

This brings our total funded CURO Assistantships for spring semester to 19 students and 12 faculty mentors.


FACS has been fortunate to receive nearly $60,000 from Student Technology Fees competitive supplemental funding program for two additional instructional technology enhancement projects to be completed this semester.

The first is to convert the existing Dawson 202 computer classroom into a flexible, active learning space, allowing instructors the opportunity to utilize active learning strategies and engage students more easily in group activities that stimulate critical thinking, exploration, peer feedback and reflection. The new design will provide a more accommodating space for smaller classes and non-computer oriented classes. We plan to remove the current fixed computer workstations and install AdapTables and chairs in a variety of shapes and sizes that will allow multiple group configurations and seating options. Desktop computers will be converted to laptops and distributed as needed according to the course and student needs.

The second project will provide a new 60-inch CAD plotter for TXMI's Product Development and Design emphasis in Fashion Merchandising. This will replace the current non-functioning HP 5500 in Dawson 264 for TXMI 3540 (CAD for Apparel Design and Production) and others product development and design courses taught in 264 Dawson. 

Congratulations to Mark Ellenberg and the staff in OTIS, and Patti Hunt-Hurst, and thanks to the members of the college’s Student Tech Fee committee!


Deadline for most FACS awards is the close of business on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

However, to send our college nominees forward for the Undergraduate Academic Advisor Awards which there are two, those are due Wed. January 18th. Those nominations are outlined on the web site and more information can be provided by contacting Patti Hunt-Hurst.


Melissa Kozak, HDFS Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Coordinator, has been selected as a part of the 2017 cohort of UGA Special Collections Libraries Faculty Fellows.

Mary Ann Johnson, FDN, has completed 18 months service as the Interim Director of the Institute of Gerontology in the College of Public Health. The permanent director Dr. Glenn Ostir, Ph.D., joined the College of Public Health January 1. Mary Ann will serve as Assistant Director of the Institute part-time.


Three students will be serving as interns and practicum students this semester in the college’s Student Success and Advising Center.

Ms. Morgan Easley, a 3rd year student majoring in Human Development and Family Science, returns as an intern in the Student Success and Advising Center for spring 2017.  She’ll be involved with several SSAC programs and events including FACS Info Sessions, The Bridge, FACS Day at the Capitol, FACS Forward Mentor Program, and other center projects including the training of new student staff.

Ms. Jasmine Beckett, a 4th year student majoring in Human Development and Family Science, will serve as an intern in the Student Success and Advising Center for spring 2017.  She’ll be involved with several SSAC programs and events including FACS Info Sessions, The Bridge, FACS Connection, and other center projects. 

Mr. Brian Garsh, a 1st year master’s student in the College of Education’s College Student Affairs Administration Program, will serve as a practicum student in the Student Success and Advising Center for spring 2017.  He’ll be involved with several SSAC programs and events including FACS Day at the Capitol, FACS Ambassadors, and other student leadership and experiential learning projects. 

SCHEDULE (Dean’s travel and purpose during the next two weeks):

  • Thursday, January 12, development travel to Atlanta
  • Monday, January 16, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, UGA Closed
  • Tuesday, January 14 – Friday, January 20, Annual Leave
  • The next Dean’s Update will be Tuesday, January 24


Linda Kirk Fox


The College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia embraces a commitment to diversity by modeling for the state and nation a community of individuals and programs which seek to reduce prejudice, disparities, and discrimination and build a supportive environment for all.

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