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March 18th, 2014 Author: Linda Fox  |  706-542-4879  |  More about Linda

FACS launches new web page

After months of planning and preparation, we launched our re-designed website last week. Writers of content from the departments, centers and labs, student services and FACS Extension are to be thanked for their commitment to contributing a lot of time writing, editing and making design recommendations to the two web developers Jimmy Hansen and Casey Gordon. There are still tweaks to be made as we fine tune the operating of the web pages on all mobile platforms – computers, tablets, and phones.

We hope you'll take time to check out our new site, which offers improved navigation and better ways to inform and entertain our constituents. Visit us at We'd love to hear your thoughts!


The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is pleased to announce the Learning Technologies Grants (LTG) Program for FY15. The CTL is inviting proposals designed to enhance teaching and learning at the University of Georgia. Projects must focus on the innovative use of technology to assist students in meeting the educational objectives of their academic programs. For FY15, projects that employ the use of Open Education Resources (OERs) and/or "flipping the classroom” instructional approaches are especially encouraged. Those considering an approach that might be described as "flipping the classroom" are strongly encouraged to attend the CTL's workshop entitled "Flipping the Classroom: Ideas and Strategies Grounded in What We Know About Learning.” It will be offered on Thursday, March 27, from 1 to 3 p.m. in MLC 372.

The deadline for FY15 LTG proposals is Wednesday, April 30, 2014, and awards will be announced before June 15, 2014. Funds will be disbursed as soon as possible during the FY15 fiscal year.

Learning Technologies Grants Projects are funded by Student Technology Fees; therefore, funding can be requested for:

            • equipment

            • software

            • external consulting

            • materials

            • technical staff support

Project budgets will be for one year only and must be spent within FY15. Departments should demonstrate an internal commitment to the project and provide additional support if possible. Equipment and software matching, faculty release time, graduate student assistant(s), space allocation and renovation are all considered as support. Funds can be granted to academic departments and to other units providing educational services to students, such as University Libraries, Student Affairs, CTL, and EITS.

Complete details regarding this program, including proposal requirements, can be found at


In the spring of 2013, the University established a Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) to better support our growing student veteran population. Ted Barco, a retired USAF Lt. Col. and a respected academic administrator within the defense/intelligence community, was hired to lead the SVRC.  Colleges were asked to identify liaisons to work with Ted Barco to continue to broaden the University’s support to our veterans. Representing the College of FACS as Student Veterans Liaisons will be; Jay Mancini, HDFS Dept., Barbara Grossman, FDN Dept., and Megan Ford, ASPIRE Clinic.

SAVE THE DATE: APRIL 29, 2014 - GrantSmart Proposal Development Workshops

Wednesday, April 29, Reading Day, is scheduled for the all-day GrantSmart workshops on writing and designing NSF proposals, and developing NEH and NEA proposals


Susan Byus, who has served as Director of Alumni Relations and Student Leadership in FACS since February 2009, has accepted a position as regional recruiter for the UGA office of undergraduate admissions. Her last day in FACS was Friday, March 14.

Amber Rayburn, who has served as FACS Student Affairs Professional II, since 2011, has moved to Alabama to be closer to family there. Her last day in FACS was Friday, March 14.

We have accepted the resignation with intent to retire in August of Ms. Connie Rash, Director of Student Services. She has served the college 24 years and has developed deep and meaningful relationships with many students she guided through the years on their path to graduation. She has fostered student leadership in clubs, especially the student chapter of AAFCS.

Given the two vacant and one soon-to-be vacant positions described here, Associate Dean Giraudo and Dean Fox are working with UGA Human Resources in a thorough look at the functions to support alumni relations, student leadership, student advising and academic support, student club and activities, as well as support for international and domestic study tour programs. This is an important time to connect the FACS programs with the vision and opportunities of the greater UGA Student Affairs, Admissions, and VP of Instruction programs, and to make the best organizational model in support of the Ambassadors and Legislative/Congressional Aide programs while we are at it! Input will be sought from department faculty and undergraduate and graduate coordinators, advisors, alumni and students—and current student services staff. After input process occurs this semester, the job descriptions will be written and postings of positions to fill and search processes will begin. 


FACS faculty across three departments really stepped up to the competitive internal grant program initiated by Office of Research Vice President David Lee. The eight submissions on March 14th to the Interdisciplinary Proposal Development program are briefly summarized below. Contact the PI listed for more information about their partners internal at UGA and the impressive set of collaborating universities and agencies outside of UGA. Well done everyone!


Rick Lewis and Emma Laing in partnership with Veterinary Medicine, “Adenovirus Influences on Childhood Obesity, Inflammation and Bone: The Use of MicroRNAs (miRNA) as Biomarkers of Disease”

Lynn Bailey, Leann Birch, Alex Anderson, Hea Jin Park and Dorothy Hausman in partnership with Franklin College Genetics, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, other universities and Athens Regional Medical Center, “Effect of Maternal Obesity on Maternal and Fetal Epigenetic Responses to Prenatal Folic Acid Doses and Impact on Early Infant Growth”

Alex Anderson and other universities, domestic and international, “Identifying Barriers to Healthy Weight in Overweight & Obese Women of Child-Bearing Age in Ghana”

Claire de La Serre in partnership with Veterinary Medicine and other universities, “The Influence of Maternal Inflammatory Status on the Offspring Gastrointestinal Development, Genome-wide DNA Methylation Study”


Kim Skobba with collaborators from other institutions will conduct a large multi-site study of households without housing assistance. IPD targeted to NSF regarding housing.

Velma Herbert in partnership with Public Health, Health Policy and Management, with other universities, “Home Foreclosures, Health Status, and Healthcare Utilization”

Swarn Chatterjee in partnership with Social Work and other universities, “The Persisting Effects of the Past Great Recession on the Health and Economic Well-being of Vulnerable Families”


Suraj Sharma and Sergiy Minko in partnership with Engineering, Statistics and Chemistry,Algal Biorefinery for Biofuels and Bioproducts”


Two FACS undergraduate students, Savannah King and Ivy Odom, will be inducted into the Blue Key Honor Society on Sunday, April 6. The BKHS is a premier honor society that recognizes college students for balanced and all-around excellence in scholarship, leadership and service.


Since joining UGA on February 1st, Provost Pamela Whitten has launched three new committees in pursuit of excellence to bring about positive and lasting changes at UGA. These two BIG Ideas the Provost is leading are:

  • Advancing UGA's Research Culture and Expanding Research Funding
  • Creating a Game-changing Educational Experience while Advancing Student Outcome Measures

The committees consist of the deans of the 17 colleges with Dean Fox serving on the committee for game-changing educational experience. The first meeting is March 18th and the goal is to complete work and make recommendations by June 12th.

To further engage a broader group of administrative leadership at UGA, the Provost will schedule a “LEAD Breakfast with the Provost” once each semester. The first is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, 2014, Mahler Hall, Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 8:00-8:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast with the 8:30-10:00 a.m. meeting following. This will be a conversation hosted by the Provost’s office regarding the future academic direction of the University of Georgia. Following an overview on the current academic and fiscal state of the university, we will engage in small group discussions of potential future strategic initiatives for UGA. The goal of this event is to expand the role of leaders across UGA as we work together strategically in the coming years to elevate the University of Georgia. All department heads, institute director, associate deans and the dean will attend.

The Provost is visiting all colleges within the first 10 weeks of her appointment to UGA. She will be meeting with the Executive Committee of FACS this week, for 90 minutes Friday afternoon, March 21, 3:00-4:30 pm.

The final item of interest and engagement with the Provost is regarding graduate education. Dean Maureen Grasso has announced that she will retire from UGA on July 1st after serving as Dean of the Graduate School for the past 12 years. She plans to move to North Carolina to be near her family and will become Dean of the Graduate School at North Carolina State University. We wish her the best in her new job and new home in NC!  Dean Fox and three other deans will serve on an ad hoc committee to provide the Provost with recommendations for changes in the priorities and/or services for the Graduate School. As you may know, the graduate school is completing a thorough review right now, providing recommendations within the final report. Based on this review our ad hoc committee will make informed decisions. The next regularly scheduled meeting I have with the FACS Graduate Coordinators is in early April. Please continue to provide your graduate coordinator, department head, and me feedback and ideas to advance graduate education in our college and at UGA.

The Provost has a blog! She seeks ideas for her blog, stories about students in particular. Send to the Provost or to Cal Powell, FACS Director of Communication Her most recent blog entry is about graduate education and can be read here

SCHEDULE (Dean’s travel and purpose during the next two weeks):

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, March 18 and 19, development visits with Victoria in Macon and Atlanta, GA
  • Monday through Thursday, March 24 – 27, Sacramento, CA to present the findings of the Health Task Force for Board on Human Sciences and ECOP (Extension Committee on Organization and Policy) at National Extension Directors and Administrators Conference.
  • The next Dean’s Update will be Tuesday, April 2, 2014.
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