Dean’s Update 4/30/19

April 30th, 2019 Contact: Linda Fox  |  706-542-4879  | More about Linda


The Office of Faculty Affairs invites all UGA faculty to participate in three upcoming, in-depth cohort programs:

  1. The Creating a Sustainable Writing Program is helping scores of faculty improve their writing productivity. The summer cohort will begin with a daylong retreat on May 24, 2019, followed by short, bi-weekly meetings all summer. Please register by May 11, 2019. (The fall cohort of this program will begin August 13, 2019, if you’d like to mark your calendar; registration details will be distributed over the summer.)
  2. The 2018 Summer Leadership Institute, offered in Athens from July 22-25, will use a cohort model for improving self-awareness, shared learning, and leadership skill development. Deadline for application and nominations is June 12, 2019.
  3. In the Aspire Fellows Program, mid-career and senior faculty will build upon their existing successes and strengths to realize new aspirational goals and achievements. This 10-month program will begin in the fall and involve monthly cohort meetings and weekly check-ins. Deadline for application and nominations is June 12, 2019. 

More detailed descriptions, including registration and nomination information, are posted online. Please send all applications/nominations, and/or registration requests to Carly Surratt at

Faculty Affairs’ professional development personnel will undergo a transition in the next few weeks. We offer a fond farewell and much gratitude to Susanna Calvert, our inaugural Director of Programming, as she leaves UGA to start the nonprofit Foundation for Family and Community Healing. Though she will not be with us full time in the weeks ahead, Susanna will retain her UGA email address ( should you wish to communicate with her. Our new Director of Programming is expected to join UGA on June 1, 2019. An additional announcement will be sent when details are finalized. 

During this transition, please email Carly Surratt to schedule or gain access to the Faculty Search Committee Training.


The FACS Graduate Coordinators and Delilah Nageotte, Human Resources Coordinator, have worked this spring to develop one common performance evaluation tool for graduate assistants. It is posted to the Policies and Procedures web site, under Performance Reviews, the link is

It is expected this tool is posted to the department web page for faculty, and/or included in the graduate handbook(s) in your units for easy access. For performance evaluation To be completed, signatures are required by the student, the supervisor, the graduate coordinator and department head. Final copies filed in the personnel files of the Human Resources, Business and Finance Office in the College. Direct your questions to Delilah


Newly elected to two-year terms, 2019 – 2021:

  • FHCE – Sophia Anong
  • TMI – Yoo-Kyoung Seock
  • Associate Professor – Diane Bales
  • Instructor/Lecturer – Melissa Landers-Potts

Returning for second year of their term, 2018 – 2020:

  • FDN – Rob Pazdro
  • HDFS – Assaf Oshri
  • Professor – Joan Koonce
  • Assistant Professor – Claire De La Serre

2019/2020 Faculty Contracts – Electronic Delivery

Enhancements to the new OneUSG Connect system will enable contract-eligible faculty to receive their 2019/2020 fiscal and academic contracts electronically, within the Faculty Data Self Service (FDSS) module of OneUSG. Faculty will be able to access their contracts for review, print, and signature at the beginning of June 2019.

To allow for flexibility around two scheduled OneUSG Connect updates in June, faculty are expected to sign their contracts for this contract year within 25 days of receipt (increased from 20 days in 2018).  Faculty members are encouraged to verify their login and access to OneUSG Connect and their Faculty Data Self Service before leaving campus at the end of the spring semester.

The Office of Faculty Affairs and UGA’s OneSource Project will develop a number of communication and training opportunities to ensure that units and faculty are prepared to utilize this new method of faculty contract administration. These will be available by mid-May. Faculty support materials include:

Questions on this new contract process may be directed to Beverly Minor in the Office of Faculty Affairs at or 706-542-0547.


Through a combination of funds allocated by the university and a re-direction of funds from the college, a 2.0% pool of funds is available to department and unit heads to provide merit-based salary increase for faculty and staff. As applicable, the college was provided funds to address compression, market alignment and other critical compensation challenges. Across the board increases are not permitted. Salary increases are to be reasonably distributed among employees, ranging from 0% to 4% maximum. Grant-funded employees also will be eligible to receive salary increases based on performance and merit within the available funds of the grant(s) from which he or she is paid.

In addition, the College was provided a pool of funds, .05%, to address salary compression, inversion, equity and retention of faculty. The maximum of 4% salary increase also applies.

Salary increases for employees paid on the academic payroll will go into effect on the contract date: August 9, 2019.  Salary increases for fiscal year employees paid on the monthly, salaried bi-weekly and hourly payrolls will go into effect July 1, 2019 as well.

The base graduate assistantship rate will increase by 2.0%. Additional funding is being allocating to increase UGA’s subsidy of Graduate Student Health insurance premium by 25% to a total of 50%. These funded will be added to the University’s fringe benefit budget to cover one half of those students’ health insurance premiums paid form the Resident Instruction  budget.

Staff salary compression and inversion (SCI) will be addressed after the budget development process. UGA is directing additional funding in its FY 2020 budget to help address staff salary compression at the request of the President and as a recommendation from the recent external review of the salary administration plan for staff. UGA Human Resources will work with the Deans and Vice Presidents to confirm individual SCI calculations, years of service in the classification, and performance of the individual staff identified through the SCI formula. More information forthcoming.

Faculty promotional salary adjustments will go into effect with the contract date (August 9, 2019 for academic year contracts and July 1, 2019 for fiscal year contracts). For FY20, funds provided to award promotional salary increases are as follows:

$7,000 promotion to Professor

$6,000 promotion to Associate Professor

$4,000 promotion to Senior Lecturer

$7,000 promotion to Sr. Public Service Associate

$6,000 promotion to Public Service Associate

In addition,

$6,000 promotion to Clinical Associate Professor

$7,000 Promotion to Clinical Professor

The college will notify employees of the outcome of salary increase in writing in late May.


FACS Business and Finance Office is offering faculty focused grant budgets and reporting workshops (lunch provided by Dean Fox) this spring.  The workshops are designed to help you understand the new reporting, why we have new reporting, and what makes our new system more complex. Please sign up for a workshop by sending an email to and identify which session you would like to attend. 

FACS Grants and Finance Reporting Workshops for PIs :

  1. Wed, May 1        12:05pm to 1pm               110 Dawson Hall
  2. Wed, May 8        12:05pm to 1pm               216 Dawson Hall

We look forward to seeing you all at the workshops!  Remember… lunch is on the Dean so it’s important to RSVP. Source: Jenny Ramsey

Georgia Remembers Memorial Service wEDNESDAY, MAY 1

UGA hosts an annual candlelight memorial service for those students, faculty and staff members who died in the previous year. Individuals will be recognized in the brief service, candle lighting and the ringing of the bell at the Chapel. The service is this week, Wednesday, May 1 at 7:00 pm at the Chapel. No fee, no RSVP required, everyone is welcome to attend.


It is not too early to plan for the International Federation of Home Economics (IFHE) XXIV World Congress 2020 to be held August 2 – 8, 2020 in Atlanta at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  We want you to be informed about the role Georgia family and consumer sciences professionals are playing in this World Congress.  

This is a unique opportunity for Georgia, for it will be only the third time that the World Congress has been in the United States (1958 - Baltimore and 1988 - Minneapolis).  Our faculty and students have an opportunity to participate in an international conference without leaving Georgia.

The college and university group will receive quarterly email reports on progress so that you will know what we are doing.  The IFHE website has the most comprehensive information about the World Congress.  The Call for Abstracts opens on June 1 and closes on August 31, 2019. 

Go to, click on World Congress 2020, then scroll down to the underlined "call for abstracts" for all the details and forms.  Abstracts are due August 31, 2019.

Joanne Cavis, Chair of the IFHE Home Visit Committee leads a team (Don Bower, Karen Jones, Virginia Richards, Helen Carter, and June Thomas) will be glad to answer questions about how the Learning Day on the Move educational/technical tours and the home visit/cultural components.  Other questions should be directed to the IFHE-US  World Congress co-chairs, Bev Card ( and Janine Duncan (

Watch for future announcements and updates.

IHES Scholarship Announcement and Application for the 2020 IFHE Congress

The International Home Economics Services (IHES) is a small (but impactful) all-volunteer group affiliated with family and consumer sciences to support home economics programs in developing countries. IHES is offering scholarships to international home economists to assist with expenses of attending the upcoming 2020 International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) Congress, Home Economics: Soaring Toward Sustainable Development, that will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on August 2-8, 2020.

The IHES encourages graduate students from other countries studying in the United States or Canada to attend the 2020 IFHE Congress in Atlanta.

It is our hope that you will share this scholarship announcement and application with the international students in your college.


The spring semester College Assembly was held on Thursday, April 18. Here is the link to the video recording. Use the ID facs and password facs (case sensitive) to access:

SCHEDULE (Dean’s travel and purpose during the next two weeks):

  • May 1-3, attend National Health Outreach Conference, Dallas, TX
  • The next Dean’s Update will be the week of May 13


Linda Kirk Fox


The College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia embraces a commitment to diversity by modeling for the state and nation a community of individuals and programs which seek to reduce prejudice, disparities, and discrimination and build a supportive environment for all.

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