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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Coffee with the Pros: Strategies to Find Funding for Controversial and Diverse Research

Finding funding for nontraditional topics can be especially challenging. In this panel discussion, you will meet faculty who have successfully procured funding for controversial and/or diverse areas of research. Lunch will be served and questions are encouraged. This panel discussion will take place from 12pm-1:30pm in Coverdell S175. RSVP to Stephanie Tucker at

Co-sponsored by the Office for Faculty Affairs.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Sign Up for Proposal Peer Review: NSF CAREER (with July Deadlines)

Are you planning to submit a CAREER proposal to NSF in July 2018? Would you like to have colleagues review your proposal before you submit it? Sign up for the Proposal Peer Review program to exchange proposals and comments with UGA colleagues. In addition to peer review, Proposal Enhancement staff will advise you on the CAREER program and edit your proposal for clarity, concision, and impact.

Proposal exchange will take place in mid-May. Sign up here by April 20!

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

NIH Mock Review Panel

Are you interested in learning about the NIH panel review process? Come sit in on a mock NIH review panel session. UGA faculty who regularly serve on NIH Study Sections will review actual draft proposals from selected faculty, and conduct a review panel meeting that will be open for viewing! Those who are new at submitting to NIH are especially encouraged to attend. Lunch will be served and questions are encouraged. The mock panel will take place from 11pm-1pm in Coverdell N104. If you are interested in participating as a submitter or reviewer, contact Jake Maas at

To attend, RSVP to Stephanie Tucker at

Monthly Personnel Activity Reports (PAR) Replacement 

UGA communicated via email to all faculty and staff this information in previous email but it deserves repeating.

UGA is replacing monthly Personnel Activity Reports (PAR) with annual and end-of-project salary certifications, effective July 1, 2018. Recent changes to federal guidelines provide a path for UGA to eliminate this monthly effort certification (PAR) requirement. This change stems from UGA’s commitment to reducing administrative burden when possible.  

In the future, only the PI (rather than full project team) will certify. Certifications will occur on an annual and end-of-project basis (rather than monthly). Project salaries (rather than percentage effort) will be certified. 

Similar to current practice for financial review, units should continue to perform a monthly review of project financial reports to ensure expenditures are accurate and allowable. No certification is required for this monthly review. A monthly review can assist in finding adjustments early and facilitating timely changes. 

Effective July 2018 – monthly PAR certifications will no longer be required. Effective Sept 2018 – annual and end-of-project certifications will begin.  

The Office of Research and Finance and Administration divisions are working in tandem with UGA’s OneSource project team to implement these changes. Detailed guidance will follow in the coming months. 


Faculty in the college should watch your email for ballots to vote on candidates to serve two-year terms on the college’s Faculty Advisory Committee. Current members are listed along with college Committees at

task force report on student success and learning

Following a focused session of the college’s Executive Committee in February to review and prioritize opportunities in FACS regarding the 12 recommendations of the Task Force Report on Student Learning and Success, four sub-committees in the college have been convened and interested members are still sought. All of these committee are looking at the improvements and innovations to evolve the curriculum.

If you’d like to join the subcommittee and get engaged, contact Patti Hunt-Hurst, Associate Dean for Academic Program.

FACS Task Force Subcommittee members and meeting dates recently held:

Emphasize Writing Skills in the Curriculum

Subcommittee – met on March 8, 2018

Rob Pazdro, FDN

Kati Medvedev, TMI

Melissa Kozak, HDFS

Patti Hunt-Hurst, Assoc. Dean

Transform Courses and Classrooms to Actively Engage Students

Subcommittee meeting – March 28, 2018

Sheri Worthy, FHCE

Lynn Bailey, FDN

Donna Holcombe, FDN

Laura Leigh Richardson, FDN

Expand Resources and Programs to Acclimate and Support Transfer Students Subcommittee – March 27, 2018

Cara Simmons, SSAC

Anne Allen, SSCA

Clair McClure, TMI

Melissa Garber, SSAC

Beverly Hull, SSAC

Kassie Suggs, SSAC

Make Data Literacy a Core Part of Undergraduate Education at UGA

Subcommittee meeting – March 26

Linda Kirk Fox, Dean

Gajanan Bhat, TMI

Debbie Murray, Assoc. Dean

Emilie Smith, HDFS

Sherle Brown, FHCE

Lauren Coheley, FDN

The recommendations of the Task Force on Student Learning and Success were the topic of an in-depth discussion of the college’s Executive Committee on Feb. 19. Joining the college leadership for this session to prioritize our interests in the 12 recommendations were the undergraduate coordinators, advisors and staff of the SSAC. Associate Dean Patti Hunt-Hurst will be seeking further input and volunteers to serve on committees and pilots opportunities in the college.

The full report can be found on the Office of Vice President for Instruction 


Please join us for the spring semester College Assembly on Tuesday, April 17 at 3:30 pm in Dawson Hall Rm 110. We will introduce several new staff hired in the college since the fall College Assembly. Agenda will include:

  • Updates on facilities and plans for classroom and lab renovations
  • Discussion of the Task Force Report on Student Success and Learning and the funding opportunities to pursue
  • Discussion and input to finalize the Guidelines for the college for Graduate Program Faculty
  • Update on FACS 100 Centennial

SCHEDULE (Dean’s travel and purpose during the next two weeks):

  • Georgia United Credit Union Executive Women’s Day Conference, Duluth, GA
  • Next Dean’s Update 04.17.18


Linda Kirk Fox


The College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia embraces a commitment to diversity by modeling for the state and nation a community of individuals and programs which seek to reduce prejudice, disparities, and discrimination and build a supportive environment for all.

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