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May 7th, 2014 Author: Linda Fox  |  706-542-4879  |  More about Linda


The FACS Spring Convocation will be held on Friday, May 9 at 3 p.m. at The Classic Center in downtown Athens. We promoted the event this year through Save the Date postcards and inclusion of FACS students who plan to graduate in the spring or this summer. The response has been positive and we anticipate 260 students attending on Friday. This is significantly higher than the 170 who attended the last couple of years. Please anticipate a lot of traffic and parking challenges as the Classic Center is hosting other college Convocations at the same time in different venues. Plan accordingly – plan to arrive early!


Ten FACS Senior Profiles have been featured on the FACS Facebook page as we count down to Graduation. Please check us out on Facebook to learn more about the student and their future plans:

Kelly Boyd, HDFS

Kelsey Brooks, FHCE,

Jamila Davis, TMI

Charlie Fleming, HDFS

Callie Heintzman, HDFS

Savannah King, FDN

Lam Le, TMI

Erin McNeill, FHCE,

Sara Beth Naylor, FHCE

Kellyn Wright, FDN


Families and communities are the keys to understanding health challenges and solutions, including obesity. Join us to learn about prevention and intervention strategies that have a direct  bearing on family and community health. Outstanding family science scholars and interventionists have been invited to UGA for this State of the Art Conference. Speakers include: Susan McDaniel (University of Rochester), America Bracho (Latino Health Access, CA), Gonzalo Bacigalupe (University of Massachusetts), John Rolland  (University of Chicago), Dorothy Becvar (St. Louis University), and Keeley Pratt (The Ohio State University). University of Georgia faculty include:  Diane Bales, Jay A. Mancini, and Jerry Gale (all of the Department of Human Development and Family Science),  as well as Clifton Baile (Department of Foods and Nutrition).

This UGA State of the Art conference is relevant for teachers, counselors and therapists, community­ organizers, nurses and health care professionals, researchers, and others who seek to understand the intersections of health, family and community.

Event Date: Monday, June 2, 2014 from 6-8 p.m. and Tuesday, June 3, 2014 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Light refreshments will be provided Monday evening, as well as refreshments breaks on Tuesday. REQUIRED REGISTRATION: There is no conference fee, however, you must register to attend the FCPH Conference NO LATER THAN MAY 15, 2014: 


The Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach announces the 2014 New Faculty Tour (NFT). This year’s tour will visit 14 cities, passing through 48 counties. Major 2014 NFT highlights will include tours of the Kia Plant, Ports Authority in Savannah, agricultural research on the Tifton Campus, the Georgia State Capitol, and Robins Air Force Base.

The tour’s goal is to afford new faculty members a formal and comprehensive introduction to the state of Georgia’s geography, demographics, diversity, economy, history and culture. It also serves as a useful exposure to the scope and diversity of member institutions of Georgia's university system. But, above all, it is a living experience that has proven to be one of the University of Georgia's most important faculty development programs.

The 2014 NFT will begin on Monday, August 11, 2014 and conclude on Friday, August 15, 2014. The NFT is coordinated by the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach and is made possible by major support from the Office of the President and the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach. Additional sponsors include the UGA Alumni Association and a multitude of other units and supporters of the University of Georgia.

Please find below the website link to submit nominations for NFT consideration. This nomination must be submitted online with a deadline date of Friday, May 16, 2014. lf you have more than one faculty member for consideration, please list your potential participants in priority order. Unit heads are asked to verify that candidates will actually be able to fully participate in the entire tour. The tour will be $250 per faculty member, paid by the nominee’s department and FACS College. Participants should be academic or public service faculty and must have begun their employment at UGA within the past two years and be nominated by their dean, director, or department head. Nominations can be made at:

Faculty will be notified in late May if selected and will receive a tentative tour itinerary. Stand-by list will also be generated and faculty notified. If you have any questions, please call Steve Dempsey at (706) 542-6045.


Sarah Zenti (TMI) was awarded one of 17 innovative instruction grants funded of the 86 submissions to OVPI. These Summer Innovative Instruction Faculty Grants provides $5,000 for faculty to improve teaching and learning through innovative instructional projects, such as re-design of course curricula and materials, integration of new techniques or pedagogical strategies for a course, or exploration of a new instructional technique. The projects also focus on faculty improving instruction in high-demand courses (large lecture classes, courses involving multiple sections, general education courses, etc.), as well as those that integrate instructional technology. Her project is "Technology (in)Design: Integrating Three-Dimensional Technology into the Design Process.”


Congratulations to Lynn Bailey, and her team Dr. Birch, Dr. Meagher, Dr. Rathbun,

Dr. Anderson, Dr. Hausman, and Dr. Park on receiving $52,162 funding for their Interdisciplinary Proposal Development (IPD) program proposal submitted to the Vice President for Research earlier this spring. Their proposal entitled “Effect of maternal obesity on maternal and fetal epigenetic responses to prenatal folic acid doses and impact on early infant growth rate” received notification on May 1. Congratulations!

OVPR received a large number (50) of interesting proposals around a wide variety of interdisciplinary topics.  Four teams of quality reviewers, populated to reflect different disciplinary areas including the humanities, evaluated the proposals and we appreciate the hard work of the reviewers. Competition was strong and OVPR was able to fund only a portion of the proposals submitted


Based on review of current structure and functions against the goals of the university President and Provost, realignment of three vacant positions in the Dean’s Unit and the programs they support has occurred over the past several weeks. The department heads, student services, external relations, graduate coordinators, academic advisors, and the college’s Faculty Advisory Committee have all weighed in on the positions and format of a new Student Success and Advising Center with implementation date of August 1.

In addition, with the changes at UGA via a merge to create the position and the functions of the Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations, we have changed the position, responsibilities and reporting structure in FACS external relations team. Victoria Prevatt will now be the Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations for the college. Reporting to her will be Amy Brackett, Development Officer who is responsible for annual fund and other fundraising priorities, and the vacant position we will seek candidates to fill, the Director of Alumni and Corporate Engagement, described more fully below.

The college now invites applications for three positions which are vacant or will be vacant in August. All are full-time and will begin August 1, approximately. All three positions are posted to UGA iPaws and outlined in detail as to qualifications, responsibilities, and application process. Applications received by May 26, 2014 will receive full consideration. Brief summaries documents are posted to the FACS Job Opportunities web site Job seekers should be directed to UGA job search to apply

Please help us recruit for these key positions:

Director of FACS Alumni and Corporate Engagement (search posting number 20140573)

The Director for the College of Family and Consumer Sciences Alumni and Corporate Engagement will create programming and oversee activities designed to foster and enhance alumni, community, and business, corporation and professional associations’ involvement in the college. This person will be a member of the college’s external relations team which works collaboratively to advance the goals, objectives and priorities of the college resulting in public and private financial support through deliberate building and maintenance of relationships with alumni, stakeholders, friends and donors. The College has nearly 17,000 living alumni and an active Alumni Board. The mission of the Family and Consumer Sciences Alumni Association is to keep alumni, students, faculty, and friends interested in, involved with, and connected to the College. This person will report to Victoria Prevatt, the executive director of development and alumni relations. Key programming will include supporting the Alumni Association Board and the FACS Alumni Association and supporting additional advisory boards for public relations, faculty/student engagements, and development/campaign for departments/units in the college. The alumni director will manage the college's annual alumni awards program, work with the director of communications for timely and inclusive social media and print communications to and about alumni, assist in the annual fund, and serve as the college's liaison with the UGA Alumni Association. This person will help develop and coordinate other new alumni and friends programming, working closely with UGA Alumni Association staff and programs.  

Director for Student Success and Advising Center (search posting number: 20140620)

This position is a highly responsible managerial position which independently performs administrative functions by directing the planning, organizing and executing the day to day operations of the center in the College, providing comprehensive full-service support for prospective and current undergraduate and initial inquiries by prospective graduate students. The Director is charged to elevate academic advising, recruitment and enrollment management strategies, the first-year experience and transition to college, enhanced and coordinated experiential learning opportunities in the college, and exceptional student leadership and career development through highly engaging, purposeful, and integrated programming. Reports to Silvia Giraudo, Associate Dean for Academic Programs.

Beginning August 1st, the FACS Student Success and Advising Center (formerly called Student Services) will serve the educational roles of:

  • Articulating the undergraduate and graduate academic programs (majors, minors, certificates, online and summer school) of the College and accompanying career opportunities to prospective students and their families.
  • Devising and evaluating effective recruitment electronic and print communications and events in a highly collaborative manner throughout the college and maximizes existing UGA admissions and student affairs resources.
  • Delivering a highly engaging first-year experience for freshmen and transfer undergraduates that effectively facilitates transition to FACS at UGA for retention and ultimately for timely degree completion and graduation.
  • Delivering effective, student-centered, developmental advising services to FACS first year and transfer students while providing well coordinated and consistent professional development services through FACS departmentally focused professional advisors and faculty.
  • Providing student leadership development and curricular enhancing opportunities to FACS undergraduates through student leadership programs, clubs and organizations, study abroad, internships, special events, professional development opportunities, and program enhancement that enrich the UGA FACS student experience and competitive edge in the global workforce.
  • Engaging students in the career development process from the first-year experience through graduation with continuing services to alumni.

FACS Degree Program Specialist (search posting number 20140616)

This individual works as part of a team to provide student support services such as course registration, graduation processing, petitioning, withdrawals, program documentation, computer accounts, summer school and certificate programs, scholarships, travel awards and stipends, financial aid and provide a full range of professional knowledge and experience, designed to recruit, retain, undergraduate and graduate students in the college, fostering a positive student experience and academic success support to prospective students and current students. This individual will understand and oversight for program procedures, policies, goals, and objectives; and technical guidance and problem resolution. This person will collaborate with professional advisors and departments to confer students with appropriate program procedures, policies, goals, and objectives, technical guidance, and problem resolution. This individual works closely with the staff who will lead and support FACS student leadership and experiential learning programs. He or she reports to the Director of the FACS Student Success and Advising Center.

FACS Student Leadership and Experiential Learning Specialist

This position works as part of a team in providing the full range experience designed to foster and enhance student involvement in FACS and academic preparation through leadership, co-curricular and extracurricular experiences domestically and abroad. This person will provide management of all tasks related to program design, promotion, training and evaluation of effective student leadership development opportunities for undergraduates in the college including the signature FACS Ambassadors and Legislative/Congressional Aide programs, student clubs and organizations, education abroad experiences, and professional development opportunities. Collaborates with academic advisors and departments to engage students in the career development processes within a program of study/major; provides oversight for program procedures, policies, goals, and objectives, technical guidance and problem resolution. Andy Davis will be appointed to this position effective August 1st and will report to the Director of FACS Student Success and Advising Center.

Effective August 1, staff assigned to the Student Success and Advising Center will also include the four departmentally focused part-time academic advisors: Anne Allen, TMI; Bev Hull, FDN; Julie Patterson, HDFS; and Diane Costyn, FHCE. The unit is supported by Kassie Suggs, Administrative Associate.

I am appreciative of the three search committees leading these efforts.


Dr. Lilian Sattler has accepted the position of assistant professor in the new joint, interdisciplinary position in the FACS Department of Foods and Nutrition (FDN) and the College of Pharmacy Department of Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy (CAP). Her 9-month appointment begins August 15. She comes to us well prepared for the position, having a degree from University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany and licensure to practice Pharmacy in Germany. She recently completed her Ph.D. in FDN here at UGA. Her research and teaching interests revolve around nutrition, pharmacy, and gerontology/geriatrics. Welcome, Lilian.

Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics (FHCE), has hired new staff. Missy Pruitt, is the Senior Accountant. She started May 5, coming to us from the College of Agricultural and Environment.  Bonnie Berglund, also in FHCE where she serves as office manager, is leaving us. Her last day will be May 30. She is moving to Naples, FL. We wish her the best and welcome Missy to the college.

SCHEDULE (Dean’s travel and purpose during the next two weeks):

  • Dean Fox and Victoria Prevatt will be in NY City for the Peabody Awards and visits with alumni, donors and friends of the college and UGA, May 16 through 20.
  • The next Dean’s Update will be Tuesday, May 20, 2014.


Linda Kirk Fox


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