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Anyone wishing to register for the 2014 Southeastern Conference Symposium, Sept. 21-23 in Atlanta, entitled Prevention of Obesity: Overcoming a 21st Century Public Health Challenge, may do so now at There is a gold “Register” button on the home page and a draft program schedule is also available. Details regarding the poster exhibition, including when abstracts will be accepted, will be posted soon and all interested individuals should check the website for updated information.
The primary goal of the SEC Symposium is to address a significant scholarly issue by utilizing the range of disciplinary strengths of all SEC universities in a manner that expands opportunities for collaboration among SEC faculty and administrators. Other objectives include annually drawing national attention and participation to the Southeast region. This event is also intended to display the research and innovation of SEC institutions for an audience of academicians, government officials and other stakeholders. SECU is the academic initiative of the Southeastern Conference.
Summer reading and you thought I’d list my favorite books. Well, if you’re reading this you will be surprised that I recommend you read the “Blog” of UGA Provost Pamela Whitten. Since coming to UGA in February, Provost Pamela Whitten has consistently written about the priorities of the university in her weekly Blog. This week, the Provost is so impressed with UGA Extension that she writes about it in her Blog, on June 9, she focused on “Extending UGA Statewide.” I think you’ll enjoy reading her remarks
Our GEAFCS members represented Georgia well in applying for and receiving awards this year. Below is the list of 2014 GEAFCS Award Winners provided by Leigh Anne Aaron, GEAFCS VP Awards and Recognition. We can be proud of the fact that UGA Extension FACS has 4 first place National winners, 4 second place National winners, and 1 third place National winner.  We also have 5 first place Southern Region winners, 5 second place Southern Region winners, and 2 third place Southern Region winners. The awardees will be recognized at the NEAFCS Annual Session September 15-18 in Lexington, Kentucky.  Please join me in congratulating these hard working, award winning agents and specialists!
Fellowship Awards:
GEAFCS Dean Sharon Y. Nickols Professional Improvement - Rhea Bentley
Professional Development:
GEAFCS Distinguished Service Award - Marnie Dekle
NEAFCS Continued Excellence Awards - Rhea Bentley and Lisa Jordan
Program Awards:
First Place National Award Recipients:
Early Childhood Child Care Training
1st Place in Georgia, Southern Region, National – Keishon Thomas
Food Safety
            1st Place in Georgia, Southern Region, National – Judy Harrison & Team
Social Networking Award
            1st Place in Georgia, Southern Region, National – Pamela Turner & Team
Communications: Television or Video
            1st Place in Georgia, Southern Region, National – Susan Howington
Other awards and recognition at the State (Georgia), Southern Regional, and National Levels:
GEAFCS Alva Younger FACS/4-H Award
1st Place in Georgia – Lisa Jordan & Team
2nd Place in Georgia – Nancy Bridges
3rd Place in Georgia – Phillip Petway
Dean Don Felker Financial Management
1st Place in Georgia; 2nd Place in Southern Region; 3rd Place in National – Rachel Hubbard & Team
Environmental Education
1st Place in Georgia; 2nd Place in Southern Region; 2nd Place in National – Christa Campbell & Team
Mary W. Wells Memorial Diversity
            1st Place in Georgia – Ines Beltran
            2nd Place in Georgia – Rhea Bentley
Program Excellence through Research
            1st Place in Georgia; 2nd Place in Southern Region – Andrea Scarrow
Family Health and Wellness
            1st Place in Georgia – Terralon Chaney
Human Development/Family Relationships
            1st Place in Georgia – Michele Melton
Written Press Releases
            1st Place in Georgia; 2nd Place in Southern Region – Michele Melton
Radio or Podcast
            1st Place in Georgia – Roxie Price
            1st Place in Georgia; 2nd Place in Southern Region – Edda Cotta-Rivera & Team
Educational Curriculum Package
            1st Place in Georgia; 3rd place in Southern Region – Judy Harrison & Team
2nd Place in Georgia, Southern Region, National – Susan Moore
3rd Place in Georgia – Wayne Coachman & Team
Educational Publication
            1st Place in Georgia – Susan Moore
            2nd Place in Georgia – Keishon Thomas
  Internet Education Technology
            1st Place in Georgia; 3rd Place in Southern Region – Laura Smith
Public Relations:
Marketing Package Award
            1st Place in Georgia and Southern Region; 2nd Place in National – Keishon Thomas
Community Partnership Award
            1st Place in Georgia – Betty English 
SCHEDULE (Dean’s travel and purpose during the next two weeks):
  • The next Dean’s Update will be Tuesday, June 24, 2014.
  • Travel planned by Dean Fox over the next two weeks includes development travel in Atlanta Tuesday, June 10 and Thursday, June 19.


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