Dean’s Update 7/1/14

July 1st, 2014

As part of a Provost initiative to enhance the UGA learning environment, the CURO Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program provides $1,000 stipends to outstanding undergraduate students in an effort to encourage and foster active participation in faculty-mentored research.  Colleges/schools across campus are involved in this program. Students and faculty may direct questions about eligibility and criteria to Silvia Giraudo, Associate Dean
All CURO Undergraduate Research Assistants will be required to present at the spring CURO Symposium, March 30-31, 2015. Participating students may register for CURO research course credit. Participation in CURO research courses remains open to all undergraduate students, regardless of their Honors status,  major, or selection as a research assistant (CURO course information).
Assistantships are one-semester, non-renewable awards for either Fall 2014 or Spring 2015. If beneficial for their programs of study, students may conduct research with faculty members outside their department, college or school, including those units that do not have any or many undergraduate programs. And, we can welcome students from other colleges to participate with FACS faculty mentors and scholars!
Because the $1,000 award will be distributed via payroll, student employment in a UGA position may affect disbursement to the recipients.
To prepare for launching this program and allocate our college’s share of CURO Assistantships, we would like to identify BEFORE Fall semester the following:
  • Faculty ready and willing to mentor undergraduate research and follow the requirements of this program and post to a web site the opportunities in the college.
  • Undergraduate students nominated by faculty as likely candidates for the program.
Undergraduate nominees will be instructed to complete an application form, to be signed by the faculty mentor and department head. The college has been allocated 12 CURO Assistantships. These 12 will be determined by a College committee, TBD. If chosen to receive this award, the student will complete the IRB CITI training (if human subjects are involved in the research), the semester-long research assistantship, and submission to CURO Symposium.
To encourage faculty in this initiative, the Dean will contribute from ICRs up to $500 per student up to the maximum of twelve.
If you would like to participate in this initiative, please provide the following information and email to Kristi Kuhn:, by Friday, July 25th.
Faculty name:
Where the research will be conducted:
Project description:
(In less than 50 words provide a brief description of the current faculty-led study, the desire for students and what they will gain from the experience. For example, "We are studying parents and children in a public setting and in a lab setting as they play with blocks and books. We need students to help us collect data and code parent and child behaviors from video recordings and enter data.”
Website (lab or faculty’s profile):
Number of undergraduates needed:
Minimum qualifications: (e.g. junior standing, min. GPA, completion of research methods course, necessary knowledge or skills, etc.)
Semester: (Fall or Spring or Both)
  1. Nominations: Please share the name of any outstanding undergraduate who would benefit from this opportunity.
Address any questions you have to your department head, to Linda Fox or Silvia Giraudo in the Dean’s Office, or the members of the ad hoc committee in FACS for CURO Undergraduate Assistantships: Chalandra Bryant, HDFS; Dorothy Hausman, FDN; Robb Nielsen, FHCE; Sergiy Minko, TMI; and Michael McGough, Grants Coordinator.
The new fact sheet from the USDA-National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Division of Family and Consumer Sciences is at
Paula Moon will be starting her position as Extension Administrative Associate II, Department of Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics on Monday, July 14.  She is currently employed in the Center for Applied Isotope Studies at UGA. Paula’s office is in Hoke Smith Annex and her mail is  Please join me and welcome her to the college.
As part of the Provost’s initiatives to enhance learning and student experience at UGA, the College has a new Academic Advisor to increase advising services and assist us in launching counseling about career options into the advising process. Please join me in welcoming to FACS Student Success and Advising Center Ms. Jennifer Eberhart. Effective July 1, Jennifer will be located in Dawson Hall, SSAC, and her email is Jennifer has been a master teacher for 21 years in public and private high schools across the Southeast region. She has experience as a faculty advisor for various grade levels and campus organizations. Jennifer has two degrees from UGA, a MSEd in Social Science Education and a BA in History. Welcome, Jennifer!
SCHEDULE (Dean’s travel and purpose during the next two weeks):
  • Travel planned by Dean Fox over the next two weeks includes travel to Rock Eagle 4-H Camp, Eatonton, GA on the evening of Thursday, July 10 to attend the Rock Eagle Pageant.
  • The next Dean’s Update will be Tuesday, July 15, 2014.
Linda Kirk Fox
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