Dean’s Update 8/12/14

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On Monday, August 18 and Tuesday, August 19 beginning at 7:45 a.m. in Dawson Room 112, the Student Success and Advising Center will have cookies and coffee to welcome new and returning FACS students to campus to begin another exciting academic year.

Students will be introduced to the newly-renamed center and what our college has to offer in the areas of advising, involvement and leadership, research, internships, study abroad, service-learning, career development, and much more.

Please encourage your students to attend and join us to officially welcome them.


President Morehead and Provost Whitten have announced a new faculty hiring initiative: “President’s Extraordinary Research Faculty Hiring Initiative.” This initiative focuses on hiring ten new grant-active tenured faculty “for the purpose of enhancing the University’s ability to engage in grant-supported, world-changing scholarship.” There is no limit to the number of proposals submitted by a school or college; however, all proposals must have the full support of the dean of the school or college in which tenure will reside. Proposals are due in the Provost’s office by Monday, September 8th.  In FACS, proposals from units should be submitted to the Dean’s Office by Friday, August 29th. You can find the complete memo here:

I encourage the department heads and faculty start thinking now about the rationale for seeking additional research-active scholars to our college. Consider also the value of interdisciplinary hires across departments in the college or across colleges. I would also encourage you to consider partnerships with centers and institutes at UGA to strengthen the proposal. Review your ideas with Associate Deans or with the Dean; we will all be prepared to provide helpful feedback. I would like to encourage the submission of thematically-linked proposals (or “clusters”), so please consider discussing your ideas with other department heads or center/institute directors.

There is no limit to the number of proposals the college submits. However, start-up, facilities and other expenses may limit what the college prioritizes to move forward to the Provost on Sept. 8th.


Allocation of funds for domestic research travel formerly held by the Office of the Provost will be distributed to colleges/schools. Support for domestic research presentation travel should be directed to the Dean’s Office using the standard FACS form “Request for Special Funding” found on the college “Policies and Procedures” web site The college has a pool of $10,000 designated for domestic travel for FY15.


In support of Goal 1 the College of Family and Consumer Sciences’ Strategic Plan to build on excellence in undergraduate education, the Sweaney Innovation Fund will provide funds to support faculty and student’s current projects and programs, as well as new programs that are created to meet emerging needs. Upon her retirement in December 2012, an endowment was established to honor Anne L. Sweaney’s more than 30 years of service to the college and UGA.

Applications will be sought before Friday, November 21, 2014. A maximum of $5,000 will be allocated this fall through a competitive process to fund one project for implementation during the calendar year 2015. The project selected will be one which embodies the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and will incentivize individuals or a team of FACS faculty and staff to create highly impactful and innovative instructional materials and/or design and delivery of educational programs in the college. As you develop your proposal, you are encouraged to see UGA's Center of Teaching and Learning as a strategic partner who will serve as a collaborator to assist you in your instructional innovation project.

Detailed instructions can be found on the web under “Policies and Procedures” by clicking on the following link:


The web pages communicating the new undergraduate research assistantship program with complete details on how to find a faculty mentor and how to apply are listed here. The complete news story is on our web page

All faculty and advisors in the college are encouraged to promote these new opportunities to students Remember this is competitive allocation of the assistantships. Students must apply by Wed. August 20.

Faculty are encouraged to continue to submit to Silvia Giraudo, Associate Dean, description of research opportunities which undergraduate can consider. To review our current listing, see “FACS Opportunities for Undergraduate Research”


The UGA Student Technology Fee is allocated to colleges and a committee makes recommendations about our priorities. Here is an update on what you’ll find in place to begin the academic year.

All Workstations in Dawson 202 and all instructor podium computers in Dawson Hall classrooms have been upgraded and now have more memory, faster processors and are running the most current versions of all your favorite programs.

We purchased a college-wide site license for Grammarly@EDU. Each faculty, staff and student will be able to create a personal account that provides three very useful tools:

  • Automated Grammar Tutor - identifies problem areas in writing, and delivers instant instructional feedback.
  • Revision Tool - transforms the revision of text into a learning session.
  • Citation Audit - whose originality detection technology allows students to check their own work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a database of 10+ billion documents.

Dawson 264 has become our primary location for specialized statistical analysis software. When not occupied by scheduled classes, the room is available via keycard access 24/7. Programs available on these workstations include: SPSS, SAS, AMOS, MPlus, HLM and ATLAS.ti.

For help with Grammarly and other college technology resources, contact the FACS Office of Technology and Instructional Services,


Vice President Jennifer Frum has issued the call for nominations for the Public Service and Outreach Walter B. Hill Award and the Walter B. Hill Fellow Award.  Guidelines for Walter B. Hill Award can be found at: Guidelines for Walter B. Hill Distinguished Public Service Fellow Award can be found at: Only previous Hill Award winners may be considered for designation as a Walter B. Hill Fellow. To be considered for fellow designation, the unit administrator should prepare a summary of accomplishments, along with a transmittal letter addressed to the Vice President Office of Public Service and Outreach. All award nominations for FACS PSO and Extension specialists are to come through the FACS Dean’s Office for coordination and transmission to Dr. Frum.  Deadline for all award submissions is September 15, 2014.  

The Walter B. Hill Awards will be presented at the Public Service and Outreach meeting scheduled April 13, 2015 at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education.

SCHEDULE (Dean’s travel and purpose during the next two weeks):

  • August 14 and August 15 – Senior Administration Retreat at Brasstown Valley Resort, GA
  • Thursday, August 21 – Georgia Apartment Industry Education Foundation (GAIEF) Celebration of Education – The Commerce Club, Atlanta, GA
  • August 22 and August 23 – Leadership FACS Retreat – Rock Eagle 4-H Center, Eatonton, GA
  • The next Dean’s Update will be Tuesday, August 19, 2014.


Linda Kirk Fox


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