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  1. Course Announcement: HDFS 2100
  2. Course Announcement: IDIS 4200/6200
  3. Internship Opportunity: International Cherry Blossom Festival
  4. Judson Women’s Leadership Conference
  5. #OneUGA Twitter Chats
  6. FACS Events Pick of the Month!

1. Course Announcement: HDFS 2100

HDFS 2100

Development Within the Family

Short Session II (July 2-July 30)

MTWRF 10:30AM-12:45PM

Ecological approach to individual development and interpersonal relationships through consideration of family processes across the life span.  Practice in application of principles.

At the beginning of the course, several conceptual frameworks and theories that explain family behaviors and relationships will be introduced, so students will understand the dynamics of family interaction.  Through the remainder of the course, concepts related to interpersonal relationships and family will provide students with basic life skills that can be used to enhance the quality of their lives.  Since family relationship issues are continually changing throughout the lifespan due to changes in family composition, family roles, and family crises, students will develop an understanding of all aspects of family interaction that will connect to many dimensions of their lives.

Instructor: Kate Morrissey Stahl, MA, MSW, LCSW

2. Course Announcement: IDIS 4200/6200

IDIS 4200/6200

We Are What We Eat! How Your Gut Influences Your Overall Health

Short Session II (July 2-July 30)

Daily 2:00PM-4:00PM

The course emphasizes how what we put into our gut influences the signals sent from the gut to the nervous, immune, and metabolic systems. This course will also cover how these signals become altered during metabolic disease such as obesity, and how these changes then impact the gut microbiome.  Prerequisite: BIOL 1103 or BIOL 1107 or permission of department.

Course Outline

3. Internship Opportunity: International Cherry Blossom Festival


As a non-profit organization, the International Cherry Blossom Festival relies heavily on volunteers and interns.  Linda Maddox, Executive Director of Central City Park, the “hub” of the festival, is still seeking full-time interns, especially for Spring 2016.

Ms. Maddox needs mature, personable, motivated people with an understanding of event planning and/or a willingness to learn.  These people must be comfortable working alone and with others.  Following are more details about the internships:

  1. Non-paying internships
  2. Office parking available at no cost
  3. Hands-on experience
  4. Flexible hours when needed
  5. Opportunities:
    • Design flyers/posters and promotional and marketing pieces
    • Create notices, post cards, and letters
    • Organize and book daily performances and schedules for the Coca-Cola Entertainment Stage at the Park
      • Preview and audition CD’s and all daily entertainment
    • Plan events in the Park for 10 days
      • Opening ceremonies
      • CherryDazzle, a free family event on the first Saturday at the Park
      • PAWS for a Cause in the Park
    • Hands-on experience with securing sponsors for events
    • Work with city and county department heads
    • Central City Park
      • Set up the Park, which functions like a small city for 10 days
        • Parking and traffic control
        • Schedule nightly entertainment for all 9 nights
        • Power for inside and outside buildings
        • Secure vendors for both
        • Design layouts for both
        • Secure clean-up crews
        • Secure volunteers and provide instructions, especially for CherryDazzle

Ms. Maddox’s team works year-round and builds the Festival from the ground up.  According to Ms. Maddox, “It’s really quite a bit of magic – hard work, but hopefully the most fun you can have working.”  Next year’s Cherry Blossom Festival dates are March 25-April 3, 2016.  She can use interns year-round, but primarily during the fall months and at the start of the new year, January through April.

If you are interested, please contact Linda Maddox at Lmaddox@cherryblossom.com or (478) 330-7057.

4. Judson Women’s Leadership Conference


2015 Judson Women's Leadership Conference

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM 

Atlanta, GA

The Judson Women's Leadership Conference was created to help young women, entering or already in the workforce, achieve greatness in their lives by providing insight and tools which will help them become leaders in their respective fields.  This full day conference has been designed to create a great learning environment to share and analyze the unique strengths, challenges, and opportunities facing women.  Participants will discover powerful strategies to move their leadership forward as they interact with peers and deepen understandings of the practices of successful women.  FREE WITH STUDENT ID.

Visit this link for more information and to register.

5. #OneUGA Twitter Chats

6. FACS Events Pick of the Month!

Saturday @ the Rock: Backyard Beekeeping

Saturday, June 20, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Rock Eagle 4-H Center

Saturday @ the Rock is an environmental education program at Rock Eagle.  It is open to participants of all ages.  Each scheduled Saturday they host a program on a different topic of interest.

With a variety of uses, honey has been harvested for centuries.  Beekeeping is still practiced today using traditional methods mixed with modernized tools.  On June 20, join Putnam County Extension Coordinator, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, and beekeeping expert, Keith Fielder, as he teaches participants the basics of backyard beekeeping and offers advice on how to start and maintain a colony.  Cost is $5.

Check out the FACS Events page for a complete listing of everything going on this month.

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