What advice would you give your freshman self?

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What would you tell your freshman self? As we welcome a new crop of freshmen on Monday, we asked several FACS grads and upperclassmen to offer their advice.

Check out their responses here.

What I would tell my freshman self is not to feel like you need to figure out your life right away. Work hard every day to make little pieces of your plan come together, but be OK with not knowing the big picture yet. Invest in opportunities and experiences that matter to you, and just be patient. Laura Eckhardt, Dietetics/Music, 2015

I would tell my freshman self not to party too hard and instead develop good study skills from the start and involve yourself in a group of people that are serious about their education. Good studying skills will carry you through your four years at FACS. But, you MUST attend UGA football games and have fun on the weekends. There is nothing quite like a football Saturday in Athens! They will be memories you share for a lifetime. Camille Kesler, Consumer Economics, 1994

My advice to freshmen would be to get to know your teachers, advisors and FACS staff as early as possible. They are one of your greatest resources at UGA and can become good friends.  It actually makes me sad that I didn’t get to know many of the faculty and staff early and I miss their smiling faces every day. Hillary Barfield Midler, Human Development and Family Science, 2015

Do not wish away your college days; enjoy every minute. While the “real working world” is a wonderful place to be, there is nothing better than being a student at The University of Georgia for four (or more) years. Camille Blair, FACS Ed, 2012

Take it all very seriously: invest yourself in your coursework and work hard, because you are paving the road to where you’ll end up professionally. Take your social time very seriously as well, particularly the Georgia football culture and everything else that Athens has to offer. This is a great place to work and play. Getting enough of both will help you be content with where you are and where you’re going, and that makes for a happier person. Ali Berg, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Foods and Nutrition, 2015

Take as many internships and expose yourself to as many opportunities as possible. Having a commitment free chance to test out different areas in your field is priceless. If you hate it, who cares? You’re one step closer to finding what you actually want to do. Chelsea Shelf, Fashion Merchandising, 2014

Work hard, but play hard. Build a lifetime of memories, experiences, knowledge and relationships. And, as my dad once said, “Never break more than one law at a time.” Tom Greene, Hotel and Restaurant Administration, 1991

Enjoy every minute! Be open to new experiences and people, whether on campus or off. Find your passions and make some goals (and) don’t worry if they change as years go by. There is no place like UGA and Athens. And if you’re studying fashion and want to go into sales or buying, pay attention to accounting and retail math class. You’ll use those classes! Dorothy James, Fashion Merchandising, 2013

Get involved early! I waited almost a year before joining an on-campus organization. Getting involved on campus and within the college has been the one of the best decisions I’ve made during my college career. Also, talk to your advisors more often than the mandatory semester meetings! They are about you! Let them get to know you and get to know them as well. Lauren Travis, FACS Ed, Early Childhood Emphasis, Graduating 2016

Since UGA is such a big place, it is important to get involved in your major’s clubs! I met some of my best friends in a few of the fashion merchandising clubs. It’s really awesome to have friends who are just as interested in the same things I am. Bri Barbrick, Fashion Merchandising, Graduating 2015

I would say take as many classes within FACS as possible! All the departments are amazing, so broaden your horizons outside your major and you might just find something that changes your career path! Also, make friends with your professors! They honestly want to help and come in as killer resources! Finally, take Danny Stephens’ professionalism class! Sydney Stroup, Human Development and Family Science, Graduating May 2016

The advice I will give to students who are interested in fashion is to start interning in fashion-related companies as early as you can. Taking on multiple internships throughout your college career will help you to truly know what fashion career path to take. And take on a variety of fashion internships from fashion marketing, fashion production, product development, buying, allocation, design, etc. By having all these internships, it will allow you to know what you do and do not like in the fashion world without performing trial and error in the work force. Ashley Long, Fashion Merchandising, 2013

What I would tell my freshman self ...

Be super involved in extracurricular activities, whether it be intramural sports at Ramsey, major-related clubs, or non-major related clubs (or even just going to events that other clubs hold, like the international coffee hour at Tate, the Student Night at the museum, and all that jazz). I wish I had ventured out more my freshman year! …

Don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance from upperclassmen or professors. I have learned that people are happy to help and love seeing people excited about learning/participating/otherwise bettering themselves …

Make a resume with whatever you have to put on it. One day, someone will casually ask you for one for reference and you’ll be up until 2 a.m. tactfully putting it together and bugging your friends to edit it for you. Also, get it critiqued at the Career Center!

Take advantage of how easy it is to meet people while living on campus! Sit with strangers in the dining hall and with new people in classes. It’s harder when you move off campus and you can’t just leave your dorm door open to meet new friends. 

I wish I had known my freshman year that I can study in the SSAC office! After learning that last year, it’s my go-to spot in Dawson.  Molly Dodd, Fashion Merchandising, Graduating 2016

Don’t take the bus. It’s awkward (too close for comfort) and you’re denying yourself good exercise and fresh air. But if you do, don’t be “that kid” running after the bus when you’re two seconds too late. Robyn Johnson, Marketing with a minor in Fashion Merchandising, 2012 

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