Emphasis on FACS Ed professional development pays off

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While Michael Rupured’s name is on the plaque as the Georgia Association for Career and Technical Education Postsecondary Teacher of the Year, he considers it a college-wide distinction.

Rupured, a Senior Public Service Associate and Extension Financial Management Specialist, was recognized as the award winner by the GACTE in August.

He credited FACS dean Linda Kirk Fox for her role in devoting more resources to working with teachers and expanding the opportunities for professional development to enhance FACS Education across the state.

Rupured, who also serves as assistant to the dean for FACS Education, now devotes 50 percent of his time to working directly with schools and FACS Ed teachers in Georgia.

“For me to get the award is really a tribute to Dean Fox and her wisdom in allocating resources to support FACS teachers around the state,” Rupured said. “Our college works with the Department of Education to support school teachers through all the professional development we provide. I just represent the college and the priorities of the dean, and this (award) is a payoff of that.”

In his new role as assistant to the dean, Rupured oversees the professional development programs offered to FACS Ed teachers, helping facilitate faculty members’ presentations and connecting teachers with FACS agents who can also help provide content and training.

One of Rupured’s goals is to have every FACS Ed teacher in the state develop a personal relationship with FACS faculty.

“FACS is one umbrella across the state,” Rupured said. “We need to be working together.” 

Rupured is now eligible to receive a national award from the Association for Career and Technical Education, which will be announced in November.

“The fact is, the college is committed to this,” Rupured said of FACS Ed professional development. “The dean is committed to it and we have the support of faculty who have provided opportunities for teachers.”

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