FDN Accelerated MS Student receives DAAD RISE Internship

December 7th, 2017 Author: Emma Laing  |  706-542-7983  |  More about Emma
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Accelerated MS student in the FACS department of foods and nutrition, Ruth Schade, received the 2017 DAAD RISE Internship earlier this year.

DAAD RISE is a highly competitive “Research Internship in Science and Engineering” in Germany with a 3-month stipend.

Originally from Marlborough, MA, Schade says, “Spending this past summer in Germany was an amazing experience, and without this award, I would not have had the opportunity to explore a field like microbial genetics, which is something I'd had very little experience with previously.”

Funded by the German government, this internship program helps facilitate collaboration between the US, UK, Canada, and Germany by enabling undergraduate students to spend 10-12 weeks living and working in Germany.

Assistant professor in the FACS department of foods and nutrition and Schade’s mentor, Claire de La Serre, stated, “Ruth is one of these very bright students who seems to have a natural talent for research. Schade has also recently been named a recipient of the Dow Chemical Scholarship and Virginia Wilbanks Kilgore Scholarship, and she received Honorable Mention for the Goldwater Scholarship, among other honors. “The DAAD RISE internship was a great opportunity for her to broaden her research experience.”

The RISE Germany program’s objective is to promote student exchange to Germany in the fields of natural science, engineering and life sciences, and to motivate undergraduate students to learn about Germany’s research landscape and study opportunities.

“I learned so much from everyone in Dr. Ölschläger's lab this summer, and I'd love to pursue more opportunities to conduct scientific research abroad," Schade said.

To learn more about DAAD RISE, visit this link: https://www.daad.de/rise/en/

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