FDN Alumna discusses cleanses for athletes

April 23rd, 2015

Cleanses are all the rage, but is one really the best choice for you? Dietitian and FDN Alumna, Marie Spano, lays out the pros and cons for athletes.

If our bodies were as simple as a shower drain, you could clean them out like one. You'd simply pour enzymes into one end, and all the mysterious gunk inside you would disappear, leaving a nice, clean surface from throat to tail. It's an enticing image, right? But fortunately for us, our bodies aren't nearly so simple. They are the result of an incredibly complex network of organs, tissues, and yes, gunk—some of it good, some of it bad, some of it just mysterious—that work together to keep everything running smoothly.

Except, of course, that we've all experienced times when things don't seem to be running smoothly. Your energy levels mysteriously go down from time to time. Your digestive system starts doing something it shouldn't—or stops doing something it should. Or maybe you just feel "off" for a while. When this happens, more and more people these days start looking for a way to press the reset button, often using some variety of a "cleansing" protocol.

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