FDN faculty member Ali Berg quoted on Superfoods

October 26th, 2016 Contact: Alison Berg  |  706-542-3773  | More about Alison

FDN assistant professor and extension nutrition and health specialist Ali Berg is quoted in the article, Superfoods: not all they're cracked up to be (on page 4 of the Fall/Winter 2016 e-issue of OnlineAthens Thrive Magazine). Dietitians have bad news for anyone looking for a quick solution to lose weight- there isn't one. Although popular blogs and websites tout the power of superfoods, dietitians don't believe in the term. "The word is not used or endorsed by dietitians," said Berg. "There's really no true definition or standard for superfoods." That means there's no way to measure how beneficial superfoods are compared to regular fruits and vegetables.

For the full article, visit this link.

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