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March 7th, 2016 Contact: Carla Moore  |  (706) 542-0541  | More about Carla

Assistant Professor and Extension Nutrition Specialist, Carla Moore, was quoted in an article appearing in How Stuff Works, titled Should We Be Eating Kudzu?

If you live in the southern United States, you know kudzu. The invasive, green weed clings to dilapidated barns, climbs trees, spreads across fields and seems to eat almost everything in its path, right up to the side of the freeway. There's never been much use for the stuff, but if you were offered, say, a kudzu salad, would you eat it? What if you were offered something totally different but equally "strange" — like grilled guinea pig or pan-roasted pigeon? Would you eat either of those? The likely answer is no because, well, they're just not considered mainstream in the United States. But should they be? Perhaps.

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