FDN’s Anderson wins undergraduate advising award

May 4th, 2017 Author: Emma Laing  |  706-542-7983  |  More about Emma
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Alex Anderson, associate professor in the FACS department of foods and nutrition, has received the 2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Faculty Advisor Award from the college.

The award recognizes excellence in undergraduate academic advising. “The core of my advising philosophy is primarily to treat students as my customers and to guide them to reach their personal, educational and career goals,” Anderson said.

Graduate student Nicki Motoyasu nominated Anderson for the award. “As an advisor, Dr. Anderson always makes it his priority to ensure the student is taking classes that will both enrich his or her education as well as fit personal academic interests,” Motoyasu said. “Dr. Anderson has challenged me to pursue different skill sets and explore a variety of programs offered by the University.”

A faculty member is eligible for this award if he or she:

  • Demonstrates mastery of the advising process.
  • Provides accessibility, innovation and leadership in advising/mentoring
  • Exhibits a caring attitude
  • Demonstrates familiarity with institutional regulations, policies and procedures
  • Builds strong relationships with student advisees
  • Engages in student-centered advising versus simple course selection
  • Impacts advisees beyond graduation
  • Contributes to campus-wide excellence in undergraduate advising
  • Is dedicated to professional development initiatives

“We have students in our lab from many different cultural backgrounds, and Dr. Anderson is able to convey a necessity for learning about each other’s diversity, as well as embracing our differences,” Motoyasu said. “I have learned so much about the importance of diversity and how to value others’ perceptions.”

“Good student advising takes place in an atmosphere of caring,” Anderson said. “Caring if you, as the advisor, are prepared with life lessons, caring if the students believe and identify with what you are saying, caring if the students look forward to and understand why they have to meet with you, and caring enough to give your very best each time you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with others. Caring fosters respect.”

Anderson will be recognized at the FACS Celebrating Excellence Luncheon in October. In addition, a plaque including the names of honorees will be placed in Room 216 Dawson Hall.

“Dr. Anderson is one of the most genuine professors and has a vested interest in each of his students,” Motoyasu said. “He is able to challenge and support them as well as provide an open and accepting lab environment.”

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