FHCE Professor Finds Re-listing House brings Positive Result

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Velma Zahirovic-HerbertTo a packed room, FHCE associate professor Velma Zahirovic-Herbert reported research she is working on related to the effect of relisting a home sale in a slow market. 

Dr. Herbert and her co-authors asked the question: should sellers relist their house after it has been on the market too long? Houses that have been listed for too long a period may seem stale to potential buyers.

A massive data set collected using Census data and the Georgia MLS allowed the researchers to answer this question. 

The researchers found that relisting has a positive effect on sales price due to stigma removal. They also found that a longer gap between listings leads to a lower sales price, relisting within 0-30 days has a positive effect on sales price, and relisting with a different agent has a negative effect on sales price. 

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