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June 21st, 2015

My first few steps I took in Ghana ended in tears. One of the first things you do when you get to the airport in Accra is go through a line and have your body temperature recorded by devices. Our group was walking along and finally it was my turn. The woman that was watching the monitors told me to stop. She pointed to chairs on the side of the room and told me to sit down. I had no idea what was happening and started to panic immediately. The group tried to wait for me, but security ushered them to the immigration paperwork line. So there I was, sitting alone, in a foreign country, crying like a scared child. I was a perfect mix between anxious and embarrassed. After about 5 minutes, the lady called me back to the temperature monitor. She was kind enough to ask why I was crying, and tried to explain to me that everything was alright. After settling down, I went back in front of the monitor, and passed. When I met up with the rest of my group, one of them explained to me that when I first went through the monitor it read 104 degrees as my body temperature. Even after having that ordeal, I realized how much I appreciated their regulations. It showed me first hand the precautions this country takes to keep its citizens safe from diseases and viruses. I also got to witness first hand how considerate and caring Ghanaians are.

The whole ride from the airport I was wondering what kind of house would we be staying in. I thought of all the possibilities, yet when we pulled up I was still in awe. I could not believe we were staying in such a beautiful place. The most accurate word to describe it is, a palace. As soon as we stepped out of the car we were treated like queens. The owner of the house, Margaret, kindly greeted us. Her family grabbed our luggage and showed us to our rooms. The graciousness of Ghana continues to impress me. 

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