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July 5th, 2017

I've always believed that the more adventurous you are, the better your life will be. Even more so, the closer you'll be to getting the maximum amount out of life. This trip has given me absolute reassurance in that thought. I used to love my life being routine and comfortable, but I've seen what wonderful things can happen by moving past that simple idea of life. Just pushing myself to travel to Ghana for a month was adventure enough, but a serious goal I've had is to continue to push myself out of that routine lifestyle while I'm here.

Last week, we worked in communities all around Ghana providing health screenings to the local people there. I learned so many things that could never be taught in a classroom but are key aspects of me succeeding as a professional. Our next two weeks here will consist of working in hospitals shadowing and also getting hands-on experience. I can't wait to see what the last half of this trip has to offer, because the first half has been much more astonishing than I could have ever imagined. Even though this trip has a large medical focus, we have also been able to learn so much more about ourselves and each other through adventuring around this country and immersing ourselves into the culture. I'm not a person who has ever been the biggest fan of swinging bridges, but this past weekend I got to experience walking across 7 of them, 120 feet off the ground. Every minute of it was exhilarating and wonderful. We then got to tour two different slave castles, which taught us so much history and has really helped in my understanding of Ghana's foundation.

The rest of the weekend included seeing a local play and spending a day at Bojo Beach. Since we were missing the Fourth of July in the US, this was such a fun celebration we were grateful to have. This made missing fireworks back at home seem like no big deal. The play was so different from what we are used to in the US, but it still made us laugh and was very interesting to see what kind of entertainment the people here enjoy. The beach day was nothing short of perfect. From meeting people from all over the world, to playing soccer with the kids, to watching the locals catch crabs and fish, I was in awe by how much fun we could have on a beach much different from the ones in the US. I love this trip because every new adventure is looked at in such a positive way. Everyone has fun with it. I'm so happy to be surrounded with girls who are so engaged with life and strive for the most adventure on this study abroad.

I want this trip to always be my reminder to get up from the couch when I'm back in Athens, and go out and train for that new half marathon or plan a random skydiving trip. As Will Smith has said, "life begins on the other side of your maximum fear".


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