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June 29th, 2017

I cannot believe that I have been in Ghana for two weeks. Time really does fly. This past week we have conducted health screenings in various churches in Kumasi, Suhum, Tutu, and Mampong. I think my favorite destination was in Suhum, where we had the opportunity to see so many of the local children. They interacted with us by playing games and teaching us their little chants. They even came inside the church and tried to get to know many of us. There was one particular girl, the girl in the picture, who glued herself to my side. She was very beautiful with a very good signing voice. The church would have music playing in the background and she would quietly sing it as she stood next to me. The song was in Twi, and she tried to teach me a few words. She said I did not speak it well; I just laughed. 

These screenings have been the first real, hands-on medical work that I have done in my life. I am able to do finger-pricking, check blood pressure, height and weight. They all sound like standard and simple things, but the experience of interacting with and working in a real community was priceless. I loved putting my Twi to practice. I loved being able to help provide information on each individual's health. Some people found out new things about themselves by coming to us. Some realized that they were healthy and fine while others found out that they had diabetes or high blood pressure and were going to have to take preventive measures to manage thier conditions so they did not get worse. Just witnessing all these scenarios and being the one who is able to provide them with the valuable information provides you with such a warm feeling. With just one week of work, my desire to serve different communities has only increased. I want to become a doctor, specifically a pediatrician, and being able to work with everyone is so very rewarding. In our last two weeks, we will be able to work in the children's hospital and the main hospital. I am very excited to work in these areas and see what the enviroment is like and what kind of medical treatment Ghanaians receive here. I am excited about everything that I have learned so far on this trip and about everything I have yet to learn.  

Florence Urum

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