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July 14th, 2017

The surgeon looked up at me and asked, "Ashley are you a Christian?" He had his scalpel in hand and was about to perform an emergency Cesarean Section on a nineteen year old woman who's baby was only twenty-nine weeks old. The woman had pre-eclampsia, which can turn to a life threatening condition for mothers in the deliver room, and I was assisting the surgery. Sweating from the nerves under my two pairs of rubber gloves over my rubber apron and scrub gown I replied, "Yes I am a Methodist." He looked at me for only a moment and then said simply, "Good I am a Catholic, now let's go." And that was all it took for my first time as an assistant in a surgery to be underway. As he cut open the layers of skin on the belly I was dabbing the blood away for him. He then showed me where to put my hands as I helped him rip open her abdominal muscle which did not have to be cut because of the difference in vascularization. I then held a clamp in place to hold the skin and muscle back for him to deliver the baby. This is all done within ten minutes. What takes longer is sewing the woman back up because generally the uterus is removed from the woman's body temporarily to sew up the womb. I held the uterus in place as the layers were sewn. It was slippery so I had to get a good grip on the uterus which was much tougher than I anticipated (after all it did carry a human being). I was in awe of the whole experience. It was exhilarating to be a part of bringing a baby into the womb and seeing what a true miracle it was . The human body is fascinating and incredible.

Ashley Adams