Ghana Blog: “The Lord Is Here”

June 28th, 2017

The Lord is here. He is here in Ghana, Africa just as He is back in Athens, Georgia and all across the United States. Now that I have had yet another week here in Ghana to explore and experience, I have seen Him more and more as I continue to open my heart to all this expedition is offering up to me.

            The people and the place are so blessed and anointed by God it has not ceased to amaze me. Just being in His presence sets each day apart and makes it so uniquely beautiful, no matter the not-so-beautiful blood pricking and going to the bathroom in a hole used as the restroom. I pride myself on carrying my own faith journey with me wherever I go in an effort to inspire others. This deep appreciation for something greater than life on earth has allowed me to appreciate voyages, such as this one to Ghana, to a degree I never could before.           

            On Monday, my group of 12 students along with our professor got to perform screenings at a church in a small town called Suhum. This place was so neat! When our van pulled up, the people of the church were in the midst of an extremely powerful prayer and worship session. A fellow new friend of mine and I who both possess a similar pride in our relationship with God, noticed immediately how passionate this time was. There is a thing called “falling out” which is a mighty way some people believe the Lord communicates with people on this earth. For a moment, you feel the pressure of God with you, beside you, and all around you. I was elated while witnessing this in the church, this special place where we were about to examine the people of this community. Each person was confronting the Holy Spirit and it was awe-inspiring to watch right before our eyes.

            Another instance I experienced was in the Methodist on Wednesday morning. The pastor of this church is special friend of Dr. Anderson’s, as this is the church that he attends regularly when he visits Ghana throughout the year. I had just walked into the building about 10 minutes prior to beginning the day of screenings here in Mampong. Before we were to commence, the pastor wanted us to pray together with him in blessing our team, our medical skills, the Ghanaian people we were to encounter, and the Lord’s presence throughout the day. Joining him, about 10 fellow members of the church (including Dr. Anderson) sung out a refrain reciting “praise the Lord…” over and over again because they confidently believed in this worship. The real part that wrecked me was when the pastor prayed for “God to encounter His sons and daughters here today, not only through physical healing but also spiritual”. This was special for me since I have a unique passion for people to have collisions with our Creator in the most unexpected ways, which end up altering the path of their life. I am blessed beyond measure to have this opportunity to be a part of what a guy greater than I could ever imagine does in people’s lives.

This day ended so delightfully as I met a man named Dennis who is now my new friend I plan on continuing communication with when returning to the U.S. He is a 70-year-old man who has 3 children, only 1 here in Ghana with him. He carried such pure joy to the extent that the second I made eye contact with him, I was intrigued by his optimistic and upbeat personality. He had so much to say to me, as he was incredible at speaking English! He showed me unconditional love, mimicking a main ideal of God in His unconditional love for all of us: His sons and daughters across the globe.  My conversation time getting to know Dennis as he waited in line to speak with Dr. Anderson was a blessing in disguise, one that I was graciously presented by the Lord. He knew I needed an encouraging conversation with this man I barely knew, brightening up my day and my overall outlook on life and what goodness is yet to come.

Forever in love with Ghana & it’s people,

Rachel Cleypool

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