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June 29th, 2017

Hello!! For my second blog post, I want to share about the time we have spent working in the clinics this week. Each day, we have traveled to different communities including Kumasi, Suhum, Tutu, Mampong, Amanokrom, and Awutu. In each community, our group set up a clinic for health and nutritional screenings. We have been able to assess people’s basic health factors. There are stations where we measure weight/height/BMI, blood pressure, blood testing for glucose and hemoglobin levels, and then the final station of counseling and discussing the results with Dr. Anderson.

I have first-hand witnessed the struggles the people of Ghana are experiencing from the failures of the healthcare system. So many of the people in the communities are shocked when we tell them they can attend our clinic without insurance. Hospitals here will turn away a patient, regardless of if it is a medical emergency, if a patient does not have health insurance. For this reason, many people don’t have access to the basic care they need. It’s amazing how far some people traveled to reach our services.

Maybe it sounds like the work we are doing is simple, but for people with limited healthcare access it can be a life saving screening. We are helping spread education about health and healthy lifestyles. Health is above all things the most important and crucial part of life.

I am learning so much from our work in the clinics, from our nightly books discussions, and I'm gaining great experience. Everyone deserves the same treatment and chance to live a healthy, long life, and I am so glad to be a part of working towards that goal.


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