Industry partners, FACS team to enhance student experience

August 19th, 2015 Author: Cal Powell  |  706-542-3536  |  More about Cal

The partnership between the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and industry has been strengthened with the contributions of two major industry partners.

Both TD Ameritrade and Cotton Incorporated have made significant contributions to the college that will give FACS faculty and students greater access to both new equipment and enhanced learning spaces.

TD Ameritrade contributed $50,000 to the FACS financial planning, housing and consumer economics department that led to the creation of a new learning space, the TD Ameritrade Financial Planning Communication Lab, inside the FACS Housing Research Center (House B).

“With the technology we were able to install and the flexible set-up options for the room we will be able to use this for everything from classroom instruction to group meetings to student networking and project workspace,” FHCE department head Sheri Worthy said. “This space will facilitate communication and innovation among our graduate students, undergraduate students and faculty.”

Cotton Incorporated funded a proposal by three faculty members in the FACS textiles, merchandising and interiors department – department head Patti Hunt-Hurst and assistant professors Lilia Gomez-Lanier and Sarah Zenti – as part of the company’s Cotton Student Sponsorship Program.

The purpose of the program is to further awareness and understanding of cotton fiber and cotton textiles among students preparing for apparel and textile-related careers.

Among the enhancements Cotton Incorporated’s $38,000 grant provided were several major purchases in the Barrow Hall product design and development lab that will give students greater insights into how mass production brands are produced, as well as a graduate assistant for two semesters.

“We are grateful that Cotton Incorporated funded our proposal,” Hunt-Hurst said. “The sponsorship program indicated that ‘preference will be given to project ideas that are novel and creative in their approach to meeting the program’s purpose and that have a high degree of direct student involvement.’

“Our goals were also to provide students with a creative learning experience around the use of cotton and (the grant) enabled us to purchase equipment and connect with industry professionals that will allow us to sustain the product design and development lab as well as build our networks with industry professionals in residential interior design and product design and development.”

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