New HDFS elective explores development of youth

October 14th, 2016 Author: Melissa Kozak  |  706-542-6873  |  More about Melissa
Contact: Jennifer George  |  706-542-4917  | More about Jennifer

Are you interested in K-12, after school, community or youth development settings? Have you completed HDFS 2100 and 2200 or 2950L? Keep reading to learn more about a new elective in Human Development and Family Science!

In spring 17, Dr. Jennifer George will offer Families, Schools and Communities (HDFS 5150) on MWF from 11:15-12:05.

From an Ecological Perspective, this course will explore how the interconnected family, educational institutions, and communities influence the development of youth from early childhood through middle and high school. Students will consider how parent engagement, school outreach, disciplinary procedures and positive youth development in formal and informal educational settings are impacted by community context, resources and individual and family demographics (race, class, family structure, etc.).

There are existing prerequisites (HDFS 4860; EDEC 4020; POD) that we are willing to override, so if you are interested in registering for this course, please: 

  1. Contact your advisor 
    • They will keep a list (in order of contact date).
    • They will override the prerequisites.
  2. Your advisor will contact you with confirmation that you are ready to register for the course.
  3. Register for the course.
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