Opportunities abound at HDFS internship fair

October 1st, 2015 Author: Haley Lacuesta  |  More about Haley
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Meeting prospective employers can be an intimidating experience.

Students in Jennifer George’s HDFS 5900 pre-internship class got a chance to meet prospective employers in a more familiar environment – their Dawson Hall classroom – as part of the class’s internship fair last month.

More than a dozen agencies visited FACS to meet with students and discuss internship possibilities.

“Many students are unaware of the amazing and diverse opportunities that the agencies offer and don’t necessarily realize the connections within the community and to their courses the agencies have,” George said. “The fair gives students a chance to break the ice and make contact with agencies they’ve wanted to speak to but maybe haven’t felt confident enough to contact on their own.”

The non-profit agencies that attended were UGA Extension, Yoga Sprouts, The Treehouse, Family Connections, Dream Catchers, Butterfly Dreams, the Natural Baby, Giving Children a Chance, SSAC, the Georgia Conflict Center, Citizen Advocacy, the Child Development Lab at the McPhaul Center, Families4Change and Action Ministries.

The fair also gave students a unique chance to explore careers in their fields and gain valuable networking experience as well as learning how to market themselves for future opportunities, George said.

“Sometimes it can be hard to make the first step in pursuing an opportunity, so bringing the agencies to us gave us the ability to talk to people in the comfort of our normal environment and that was very helpful,” HDFS senior Laura Shipman said.

Shipman said she has secured an internship with UGA Extension in the spring.

“The internship fair was really helpful because it helped me realize how many opportunities were out there,” HDFS senior Brooke Dumont said. “I had been so nervous about being able to find an organization (to intern with) for the spring, but the fair really helped me see that there are so many options out there. I also was relieved to see that a lot of organizations value our FACS background and want to work with us so that both the students and the organization are growing and learning new things through the internship process.”

To see a photo gallery from the fair, click here.

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