Ph.D. Assistantship available in energy balance and obesity

September 9th, 2015 Contact: Claire de La Serre  |  706-542-4873  | More about Claire

The University of Georgia Department of Foods and Nutrition is recruiting a Ph.D. student to investigate the pathways by which disruption of the microbiota composition affects gut-brain signaling to promote inflammation, overeating, obesity, and obesity-associated pathologies.

Anticipated starting date: August, 2016

Assistantship Funding: $25,645/yr until graduation

Laboratory: Dr. de La Serre investigates the pathways by which the quality of the diet affects energy balance. She is particularly interested in the consequences of high fat feeding, including maternal high fat feeding, on the microbiota composition, gastrointestinal functions and inflammation. She studies how changes in inflammatory tone can affect gut-brain signaling to promote overeating. Her laboratory uses animal models and studies phenomena from ingestive behavior to neuronal signaling. Current projects include the use of bioactive food compounds to alleviate inflammation and obesity-associated pathologies, the potential neurotoxicity of bacterial-derived factors and maternal programming of gut-brain signaling.

Responsibilities: The successful candidate for this Ph.D. assistantship funding is expected to conduct animal studies and will be involved in behavioral experiments and molecular analyses, including PCR, western blots, bacterial DNA extraction and characterization.

Questions: Please contact Dr. de La Serre,

Applicants for this assistantship must first apply to both the UGA graduate program and the Department of Foods and Nutrition graduate program before December 10, 2015.

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