Southeastern Graduate Consortium 2013

August 28th, 2013 Contact: Clair McClure  |  706-542-8447  | More about Clair

A great opportunity for graduate students every spring is the Southeastern Graduate Consortium. In April, UNC-Greensboro hosted four other universities for a day of presentations from graduate students. UGA, Auburn University, University of South Carolina, and Louisiana State University were all in attendance. Presentations ranged from Qiana Nylon to shopping behaviors of new mothers and the hot topics of social media and why consumers pay premium prices for Starbucks.

Good question…why do we pay those crazy $5/drink prices at Starbucks? They must be on to something…

As a graduate student this type of event is a great opportunity to network and present research projects. It offers a very comfortable, professional environment filled with camaraderie from your peers. Whether presenting in progress research or a finished project, the SE graduate consortium is an opportunity to get constructive feedback and insight.

Not every TMI grad student who attended presented at this event, but even for those not presenting it was a valuable time. Many connections were made with other grad students who study a similar field and hearing a wide range of research projects can give you great ideas for your own future research.

This is something everyone should be looking forward to again next spring!

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