State representative reads to Pre-K students at McPhaul

October 13th, 2014 Author: Marina Wilson  |  More about Marina
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Georgia State Representative Regina Quick visited the McPhaul Child Development Lab’s Pre-K classroom as part of Georgia Pre-K Week last week.

Quick spent time interacting with the students during their daily routine and read “Rosie Revere Engineer” to the class.

“It is valuable for me to see what the emphasis on Pre-K education in Georgia means and whether or not these folks are getting the resources they need to implement the program,” Quick said.

Students were prepped for Quick’s visit through discussions about why lawmakers are important, Pre-K lead teacher Erin Murray said.

“At the beginning of the year we sit down and make our laws for our classroom (and) she makes the laws for our whole state,” Murray said she told the students. “It gives them a perspective of something bigger than them.”

Students were taught about how Quick can help keep the Pre-K program “awesome” for both themselves and future students, Murray said. 

Students not only gain perspective on the bigger picture through visits with local elected leaders, but can gain other valuable lessons as well, she said.

“Different people coming to the classroom teaches them to listen and respect people other than their teachers,” Murray said. 

Voices for Georgia’s Children sponsors Georgia Pre-K Week as an opportunity for Georgia’s leaders and elected officials to have a firsthand interaction with programs and children throughout the state.

 As part of the Legislature’s commitment to preschool, other events include programs such as Reading Day at the Capitol. 

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