Stock emergency food and water supplies in preparation for storms

September 7th, 2017 Contact: Elizabeth Andress  |  706-542-3773  | More about Elizabeth

As hurricane season arrives, Georgians are listening closely to local weather broadcasts. Whether or not a record-breaking storm affects you, University of Georgia experts say having an emergency food supply on hand is always a good idea.

"Flash floods, tropical storms, blizzards, whatever the disaster — it pays to be prepared," said Elizabeth Andress, a food safety specialist with UGA Cooperative Extension. "Every family should have at least a three-day emergency food supply to fall back on.

Having an emergency food supply, she said, will ease some of the stress of emergencies and natural disasters.

"Natural disasters can prevent you from running to the grocery store to pick up supplies for dinner," Andress said.

The size of your emergency food supply depends on the size of your family and home storage area. Select foods that are nonperishable and require no refrigeration, little or no cooking, and little or no water.

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