Students to present research at CURO Symposium

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Students from across the University of Georgia will present their research at the CURO Symposium on April 3-4 at the Classic Center, including more than 30 students from FACS and other colleges who worked alongside 18 FACS faculty members.

CURO, or the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, is facilitated by the Honors Program and provides all UGA students with experiential learning opportunities.

While students often work with mentors in their own college, CURO allows students to conduct research with a mentor outside of their college in order to benefit their studies.

Ellen Barrow, a third-year student in the Terry College of Business, is one such student.

Barrow is working with FACS faculty member Brenda Cude (pictured), a professor in the department of financial planning, housing and consumer economics.

“My research has enhanced my time at UGA by allowing me to grow my network beyond just my college and have the chance to pursue research in an area that I consider fun and interesting – that is not directly related to my major,” Barrow said.

Under Cude’s guidance, Barrow is researching the financial obligations of owning a pet, specifically the average financial commitment a pet requires.

“Dr. Cude suggested the topic as we both had heard so many stories about large unexpected expenses that students had to pay for their pets,” Barrow said. “I hope that through my research, more responsible pet ownership can occur, as people have a better idea of monthly pet expenses and how unexpected medical events can occur.”

CURO also awards $1,000 stipends to 500 students each year to support their research. Students need not be a member of the Honors Program to apply.

To read a news release on the CURO Symposium, click here.

CURO students who worked with FACS faculty members are listed below by student, project and faculty mentor:

Foods and nutrition

Megan Houston, “Effects of a PUFA-rich diet on coagulation and inflammation markers in healthy adults,” Jamie Cooper

Evan Johnson, “How do parental practices influence adolescent food choices?” Alex Anderson

Fatima Kamal, “The effects of two different high-fat diets on appetite hormone levels,” Jamie Cooper

Liana Mosley (nutritional sciences student), “Comparing the incomparable: A methodological investigation of water limitation treatments,” John Burke, Plant Biology, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Leah Nicole Prine, “Metabolic responses to diets of varying fatty acid saturation,” Jamie Cooper

Aamanya Raval (nutritional sciences student), “Biophysical characterization of human transketolase and transketolase-like protein interactions with the thiamine diphosphate cofactor,” Scott Pegan, College of Pharmacy

Olivia Shealy, “Infant sleep duration among white breastfed and black formula-fed infants at 16 weeks,” Leann Birch

Madeleine Holden Snidow, “Designing relevant in-vitro models of muscle metabolism with inclusion of energy expenditure,” Chad Paton

Camaria Welch, “Needs Assessment to assess the use of a mobile food pantry in the child care setting,” Caree Cotwright

Financial planning, housing and consumer economics

Ellen Barrow, “The financial obligations of owning a pet,” Brenda Cude

Ana Duron-Fleck, “The effectiveness of financial education mandates in Georgia public high schools,” Brenda Cude

Sarah Landa, “Retirement planning behavior and retirement planning participation among men and women: an examination of the determining factors,” Swarn Chatterjee

Human development and family science

Savannah Carroll, “Child disability and maltreatment: Caregiver support as a protective factor,” Assaf Oshri

Abby Carden-Jones, “Household production of health: Cambodian refugees’ health strategies in the United States,” Denise Lewis

Genesis Castro, “Latino family resilience among undocumented families,” Maria Bermudez

T. Jacklyn Clark, “Identity and generativity among LGBT older adults,” Denise Lewis

Lauren Jayne Lauterback, “Socioculturally attuned family therapy: Guidelines for equitable theory and practice,” Maria Bermudez

Nicole McEwen, “Emotion coping strategies in low-income, African-American children: The role of early parenting and child temperament,” Geoffrey Brown

Madaline McGarrah and Jacklyn J. Byrd, “Fluidity of identity among older gay men,” Denise Lewis

Chantel Odabi, “Evaluating the outreach and effectiveness of Better Brains for Babies education for child care providers,” Diane Bales

Amanda Peclat-Begin, “Cambodian mental health therapists’ experience in clinical supervision: A phenomenological exploration,” Desiree Seponski

Emily Sands, “Utilizing cultural advisors in marriage and family therapy practice,” Desiree Seponski

Anna Schramski, “Filipino immigrant social networks and their influence on settlement experience,” Denise Lewis

Mary (Maggie) Spears, “Homeschooling and its effect on the parent-child relationship,” Jennifer George

Jordan Srochi, “Protective effects of mentors on substance use outcomes for maltreated youth,” Assaf Oshri

Textiles, merchandising and interiors

Shelbi Aldrich, “Textiles and fibers single point of contact,” Suraj Sharma

Anna Bennett, “How social media affects higher learning,” Lilia Gomez-Lanier

Olonie Binns, “Motown styles and the 1960s American Dream,” Monica Sklar

Madeline Harpham, “Dior to disco: Second-wave feminism and fashion,” Monica Sklar

Cathy Lee, “From trash to fashion: Converting polyethylene terephthalate into fabric,” Suraj Sharma

Nathan Likens, “Nanofibrous pectin scaffolds for biomedical applications,” Sergiy Minko

Taylor Timmons, “Plasticization of nanocellulose gel,” Suraj Sharma

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