Three FACS alumni honored at 40 Under 40

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On September 8 at Flourish event center in Atlanta, members of the FACS community gathered to celebrate the achievements of FACS alumni Thomas Davis, Chase Lawrence and Will Witherspoon. This first all-male class of FACS graduates hail from the FHCE department.

Thomas Davis (BSFCS ’11) is from Shellman, Georgia. He is currently a linebacker in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers. In 2014 Davis was awarded the Walter Payton Man of the Year in recognition for the work of The Thomas Davis Foundation. Thomas was unable to join the celebration due to NFL scheduling; his team was facing the Denver Broncos in a rematch of the 2016 Super Bowl. Thomas had family members accept his award.

A little known fact shared by Thomas:

“I am addicted to reality television shows like Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. I would probably be a good garage sale shopper. Another thing is that if I wasn’t in the NFL, and even with my degree, I probably would have been a truck driver. It would be fun to be on the road and meet new people all over.”

Chase Lawrence (BSFCS ’05) is a member of the FACS Alumni Association Board of Directors and lives in Athens with his wife Courtney and their two children. He is the founder and principal of CollegeTown Properties, LLC.

Chase recalls when he was notified about the award, “I was really excited to hear the news.  It’s such an honor and I’m extremely humbled to be included in such an incredible group of graduates.”

“I was really impressed to see what everyone is a part of looking through the bios of this year’s class.  It’s awesome to see Bulldogs all over the Country doing great things and plugging into so many different industries to be leaders” Chase explains. “I’m proud of our college and couldn’t be happier to be a Bulldog.” He is thankful for the support and backing of the FACS community.

A little known fact shared by Chase:

“I struggle with discontent. In a lot of ways, I’ve struggled to accept how much we’ve already done and achieved, and enjoy that for what it is. I’m constantly looking to the next endeavor or challenge. I think it’s important to recognize that life is precious, and that you have to truly enjoy the time you have, rather than being so focused on particular goals.”

Will Witherspoon (BSFCS ’07) lives in Chesterfield, Missouri with his family. He is the owner of Shire Gate Farm. After retiring from an impressive career in the NFL, Will built his ranching enterprise with the same hard work and dedication.

“I wanted Shire Gate Farm to be true to nature and true to the way things should be done,” Will explains. “That means putting the welfare and care of the animals first.“  Following his success with cattle, Witherspoon decided to incorporate laying hens into his farm as well. The birds are now an integral part of the farm ecosystem, foraging in the pastures and helping to control biting flies and other pests which can irritate the cattle or spread disease.

“I want my kids, and all kids really, to grow up in a way that is more in touch with the natural environment,” Will explains. “My cattle and laying hens are raised as nature intended, on grass, and aren't fed growth hormones, antibiotics or other unnatural additives.”

A little known fact about Will:

“I run a sustainable cattle ranch, and my “closet” hobby is making music.”

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