Twenty TMI students win $500 award

January 1st, 2011

Twenty Textile, Merchandising and Interiors students won an award in the amount of $500 for competitions in research papers, apparel design, interior design, and textile science research.  The photographs show each winner receiving a certificate from Jenna Oswald, Manager of Global Supply Management for Cotton Incorporated.  The awards were funded through the Cotton Is Our Everyday Grant project through the work of Dr. Patricia Hunt-Hurst, Dr. Soyoung Kim, Dr. Megan Lee, Dr. Yoo-Kyoung Seock and Dr. Suraj Sharma.  Each faculty member supervised students in the competitions.  Dr. Charles Gilbert and Mrs. Emily Blalcok provided their expertise in the completion of the apparel design products.

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Student Websites

Students from Dr. Kim’s E-tailing course designed websites to promote the idea that Cotton Is Our Everyday.


Cotton Is Our Everyday at UGA is funded by Cotton Incorporated. The purpose of Cotton is Our Everyday project is to prepare students for apparel, textile and interior design related careers while furthering the awareness and understanding of cotton fibers and cotton textiles—learning the inherent qualities, history, sustainability, and application of cotton in diverse environments and situations.

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