Digital Signage helps you get the word out about your group, event, award, or anything FACS related.

OTIS manages the system while staff members across the college help post the information. Digital Signage is a closed-circuit, in-college communication system which uses flat-screen monitors to broadcast important information to FACS students, faculty, and staff. Displays are located at various points around the college.

FACS uses digital signage to increase the effectiveness of communications to students, faculty and staff.

Who can help me post my information?

Contact the appropriate person from the list below:


Contact Person




Megan Ford


Human Development and Family Science

Livia Wade


Cooperative Extension

Paula Moon


Foods and Nutrition

Tonya Harris


Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

Melissa McBride


Human Development and Disability

Beverly AlDeen


Office of the Dean


Office of Technology & Instructional Services

Mark Ellenberg


Student Success and Advising Center

Kassie Suggs


Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Terri Puckett


What is the Policy?

Departments in the college will assign content approvers to review bulletins created by a variety of content creators, consisting of faculty, staff, and students.

Appropriate Types of Messages

  • Messages directly involving students, faculty and staff
  • Messages that highlight activities occurring in the college
  • Student led activities such as fraternity and sorority functions, student clubs, etc.
  • Sports and special events
  • Critical deadlines for the academic calendar
  • Important dates for FACS and UGA openings and closings
  • Congratulations to university departments, organizations and/or individuals for awards and honors
  • Important weather and national news updates

Inappropriate Types of Messages

  • Personal messages
  • Non-FACS Activities
  • Personal items for sale
  • Commercial advertising or logos.

Helpful Hints about Composing Messages

Use of photos, graphics, and flash animations is encouraged. Those who post to the Digital Signs are welcome and strongly encouraged to use pre-made templates for messages.
When using photos, be sure the photos are high-resolution 4" x 3" (1024 x 768) bitmaps. Be brief and to the point as your message has a better chance of being read if the content of the message is quickly and efficiently displayed.

If in doubt, contact Cal Powell.