Introductory Workshops

UGA hosts several introductory workshops at the start of fall and spring semesters. In these workshops you will learn how to customize your system preferences, view a course from the student perspective, create a content structure and add content to your course. Check CTL's calendar page for upcoming events.

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How do I add my TA to a course?

To add someone to your course, click on Classlist in the navigation bar. Click Add Participants and Add Existing Users. You can search for users by first name, last name, or UGA myID. Click Search. Locate the person you want to add, and click the selectbox to the left of their name. Use the dropdowns to select a Role and a Section, and click Enroll Selected Users.

For Athena courses,  students are automatically added and dropped each night based on Athena data. It is not necessary to manually add students to your courses. The Registrar prefers that all student enrollments come from Athena.

How can I see my course as a student?

The easiest way to view your course as a student would see it is to use the "role switch." Role switch is available from from your peronal settings menu at the top right of your course. The personal setting menu is accessed by clicking on your name at the top right. From that menu, you will see the option to View Course as Student. This option works well for most tools, but not for all. Using Role Switch does not allow you to submit Assignments or Quizzes. 

For the most realistic student view, you can use your Demo Student Account. for more information on Demo Student Accounts, see the documentation for viewing your course as a student.

How do I copy course content into my new course?

Take a look at the Center for Teaching and Learning tutorial page.

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