Headline Style

Your headline should be sentence case, not title case. For news, be sure to include a verb and not just a subject. For events or galleries, just a subject is OK.

News Headline Examples

Good: Woodyard wins inaugural Sweaney Innovation Award
Bad: Inaugural Sweaney Innovation Award

Good: 38th Alumni Awards Luncheon set for Feb. 28
Bad: 38th Alumni Awards Luncheon

Good: FHCE Showcase Week to focus on careers
Bad: FHCE Showcase Week

Top Mistake: Forgetting the Link

We don't want the reader's browsing session to end on your story. We want to keep the reader engaged in FACS material in order to build our FACS community. So in your story, it's best to create at least one link. For example, to the biography of a person involved or to the program referenced. With events, if there's a sign up form or destination offered, make sure to link it.

Display Order

News and Galleries are ordered by when entries are added, newest first. Events are ordered by when the event happens, closest events first. So you could add an event for 5 years from now, but it won't float to the top of our Upcoming Events lists until it's closer than other events.

Don't wait to add events. The earlier you add them, the more exposure they'll get.

How to multi-publish using Categories

We have hierarchical categories based on the major areas of our college. These are checkboxes in the Categories field of your News, Events or Galleries entry. These allow us to easily propagate our entry to other areas of the website where it's related. Let's say we add a News entry: "Free food in the kichen." This will show up in the News index and the front page without any categories selected, but what if it's food that our FDN graduate students made? Using the Categories field, we can check Graduate under Foods and Nutrition, then this news would also visit our FDN Graduate page and our FDN front page since FDN is a parent category and automatically seleted.

Front Page Feature

For News and Events entries, we have a field: Front Page Feature. If this is set to Yes, your entry will show up as a picture on the front page rather than just a text title under Latest News or Upcoming Events. You'll also need to define:

  1. a summary, using the Summary field at the top, and 
  2. an image, using the Header Images field. 

The Header Image

From #2 above, you can either select an existing image or upload your own.

If selecting an existing image, when viewing the image list, change the dropdown to "Thumbnails" so you can easily preview them.

If you upload your own, upload a high-quality, landscape-oriented (wider than tall) image. It will need to be cropped to 2800x958 (1400x479 = also OK). You can crop before you upload it using your favorite image program--Photoshop, Irfanview--or after by using Expression Engine. To crop with Expression Engine, go to Content > Files > File Manger and click the "Edit Image" icon to the right of your image (it will be at the top). From here, click "Crop Mode" then drag your box so that it's 2800x958.

Small, low-quality or portrait images won't work.

Frequently asked question: "I can't find a good image."

  1. Look around our Flickr page for good images.
  2. Contact the person involved and request a nice photo of them.
  3. Arrange with Cal Powell (jcpowell@uga.edu) to take a picture of the person involved.
  4. Visit www.istockphoto.com and look for a stock photo, narrowing your results with these settings. Then send the URL to the image to Jimmy Hansen.

Now you're ready to start!

To publish news, events or photo galleries, go to Content > Publish > Channel. After submitting your entry, you can edit or delete it.


  1. Go to Content > Edit > Channel
  2. Click the title of your entry (it will be at the top)


  1. Go to Content > Edit > Channel
  2. Check the box to the right of your entry (it will be at the top)
  3. At the bottom of the page, change the "Edit Selected" box to "Delete Selected"
  4. Click Submit